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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-18357795 Sellers in denial? or possibly our friends at the welsh assembly have made a cheeky little offer in order to expand the neighbors plot.
  2. Another one to watch is topships, been waiting for bdi to at least indicate a buy for while, this may be the start of a good buying opportunity. theyre well funded and were a morning star 5star stock.
  3. I understand your situation, and although I do not know what part of the country you are in, I will share the following; The faster you sell the better, and auction is the way to go. Go and visit an auction local to you first, and you will still see plenty of cash rich 45-70 year olds with cash to buy (as they put it, no return anywhere else). Myself and my business partners have been to many in our locality looking for construction projects with which to keep our workforce busy while contracts are thin on the ground. The last 6 months we have left empty handed and almost in tears of laughter of prices being paid, that we/most people could easily negotiate less in private or agent sales. At some point I know this will run dry, so your window is closing. Go and have a look at ei group auction sold properties as a basis.
  4. Fantastic, shame they pulled this, would havehit home with the sheeple. I'm so sorry that I know people in this situation. It hits home that the security guard had everything he needed prior. - hits a nerve
  5. All of the UKs major house builder's shares are down at the moment, over a short period, Bovis, Persimmon, Barratt and Redrow are below or approaching their 12month lows, I think this is significant to where the market thinks house prices are going.
  6. Hey Tomcat, What's your usdcad starategy, trade a bit of fx too
  7. Tis sell and rent back scheme. nice!!!
  8. :oMy other half is a nurse as well, and it the stories she comes home with about people from work are astonishing. From the £20k dream weddings that seem a regular occurance, by people with no spare cash in starter homes bought over the last couple of years, to others who are contemplating £250k mortgages on a salaries of £30k. These are educated people who have no idea what is going on behind the media/ government bs.
  9. Good for you patience is a virtue. We have been looking at houses in the Cardiff area for a couple of years now, some price drops, some have been revised upwards since Christmas. There seems to be so much confusion out there. To add to the confusion we tried to book a resturaunt on saturday night and was amazed that our first choice was fully booked, second choice, had one table for 2 at 9.30pm, went with third choice for a reasonable time (all three top end pricewise). So much for belt tightening. my conclusion though is many public sector workers burying heads in sand before the inevitable cull. Most private sector businesses we deal with have already made the cut backs needed to stay competitive and seem on the face of things to have picked up orders since christmas (my company too).
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