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  1. Wandsworth Dec11 £604,035 Dec10 £539,144 YoY +12.0% total joke index based on what some [email protected] at Foxtons told them (what they wanted to hear).
  2. if the government had any balls they would end final salary pensions for public sector workers (like most companies have had to because they are simply unaffordable). if I was Georgie I'd lop a bit more off the pension deal each time they go on strike, and then, when they have finally succumbed, lop off a bit more for good measure to teach them a lesson - if they don't like it then they can go compete with everyone else in the private sector.
  3. I've dusted off a couple of 100oz silver bars ready to buy my first house
  4. +1 if we had capitalism then the BTL t0ssers and property developers and sh1t banks would have gone bust (and we'd have had our HPC), but at least we'd have a basis for recovery. all this is what happens when you try to buck the market. what we've got now is a zombie economy with all the scum clinging on to their overpriced assets and with the taxpayer and future generations left to foot the bill. there will be no recovery until the phoney wealth is destroyed.
  5. closed my NW savings a/c. the co-op are a f*cking joke - £3 for a jar of peanut butter near me and branded foods much more expensive than Waitrose. hypocrites. f*ck em both.
  6. Thanks very much Best wishes Allister Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 23:20:25 -0000 To: <[email protected]> Subject: Newsnight Hello Allister, Congratulations on your Newsnight performance this evening. You said everything that needed to be said on this cretinous new housing policy. We all know that when people talk about about "getting the housing market moving" what they really mean is getting more house price inflation. It's a busted flush... the idea that we can return to sustainable growth through HPI and the associated increase in consumer spending is complete madness - both economically and socially. Well done. Good man. Regards.
  7. this is the possible nightmare scenario IMO - tptb won't accept that proper growth is not possible without restructuring the economy (which takes years and years and still might not produce results because of globalisation) but plough ahead with yet more stimulus/monetary easing just hoping that things will improve while taking massive risks with debt and inflation. it won't take much more stupidity before we, like Greece and others, are in a compound debt spiral with no way out other than default. are we fighting deflation?!!!
  8. Large warehouse style top floor flat in sympathetically converted warehouse/old office in Hoxton/Shoreditch, or a small period house near Highgate village. I think a kilo of gold should do it in a couple of years!
  9. The sad thing is that it is now political suicide for a party or politician to say that house prices should fall (whether they believe it or not). The Tories made some good noises before the election (admitting that house prices were in a bubble etc.) and George Osborne even said that "Printing money is the last resort of desperate governments when all other policies have failed". It seems that they've been nobbled since getting into power.
  10. There's a link on the page that says "Find a mortgage for £1,700,000" Unfortunately Nationwide have a maximum of £1,000,000 on the amount that can be borrowed... damn!!
  11. The last 15 years has shown that economic growth in the west can only be achieved via reckless credit expansion and/or reckless deficit spending. My view is that the effects of globalisation were masked by the credit boom and have only recently started to reveal its true consequences to the west. So what next? The assumption is that growth will restart sooner or later... but will it?, and is growth that important anyway? (surely a stable economy that balances its books is better than a bankrupt one).
  12. Listen to the interview with architect Tony Marnell - he calls the property boom a Ponzi scheme. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14792312
  13. Buy CHF/JPY... the Japanese will probably do something similar soon (they've got solid form).
  14. The markets just shrugged off the dreadful US consumer confidence numbers yesterday and continued on up. I agree that it's the prospect of QE3 next month... I think the big traders are taking the view that the worse the economic data the better the chances of more, and bigger, QE. They've probably been given the nod by insiders and want to be fully invested before it's announced.
  15. Technically parabolic but just the start of a parabolic curve IMHO.
  16. I certainly am. Maybe the odd hedge fund has a leveraged position, but the buyers are people wishing to protect wealth (central banks, funds, rich individuals).
  17. There might be the odd hedge fund that has a leveraged position, but other than that I can't see any.
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