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  1. The prices in London are crazy full stop, I agree that the property is marketed at a crazy price but in comparison to other properties it's very cheap. Half a mile up the road in Balham 2 beds go for 750-800K so in comparison that shoebox is a bargain!
  2. Forgot to add, I live in the Sunnyhill Road/Wellfield Road conservation area, slap bang in the middle of Streatham and Streatham Hill. The area is dominated with Small family starter homes, Period Cottages, Some 3 bed terraces and the odd huge house, you have the odd conversion there too, but mainly it's a "starter" family kind of area if that makes any sense. For example, you could pick up a 2 bed cottage for approx 450-475k, conversions tend to go upwards of 200K for 1 bed, you maybe able to get a 2 bed for 250K, very unlikely though.
  3. Yes, I live in Streatham, have done for the past 6 years. Streatham is a very big area and does vary from very nice to not so nice so it really depends where you are looking at in Streatham. Streatham Vale is as cheap as chips, not very well connected and is dominated with 30's and post war terraces, I personally wouldn't live there. Streatham Common area, is slightly better connected, some OK, streets just off Greyhound Lane seem to be the nices, prices do vary from street to street but it is still very affordable in terms of London prices. Further North towards Streatham Proper or the St
  4. I have friends that live in that Square, the Square itself is very nice and the properties in general look quite well looked after but the area in general isn't very nice IMHO. It's the wrong part of Camberwell. I personally wouldn't pay the high prices that the Square commands, yes the architecture is very nice but the square very much has the feeling of an "oasis" in urban ghetto. The lack of decent amenities and high crime rate would put me off for a start. My friends are happy enough living there though they don't really refer to it as home. This is just my opinion.
  5. Jeeesus.... I had a little look through the Properties for sale on KFH Balham website and was pretty stunned with the prices, I knew Balham was kind of expensive but jeeesus...the prices are crazy now. Who actually buys these properties in Balham? I saw Flats at 500K + under offer, totally nuts market.
  6. Aspire are notorious for overpricing, but this is just taking it a stretch too far. 600K
  7. Yeah I agree the character of the homes are superior to many in Hyde farm, no question. Ironically some of the roads nearer to Streatham Hill are ironically the nicest ones, road like Killesier (sp) Avenue, parts of Telford Ave, Criffiel Avenue etc.
  8. I don't think it would be worthwhile combining this into a 4/5 Bed House given the prices of both Masionettes. Regardless of what the Estate Agents says, these properties are in Streatham Hill and not Balham. I've nothing against Streatham, I live there...but I certainly wouldn't pay near 800K for a 4 Bed House that needs converting, not even in that part of Streatham Hill (Telford Park Area) which is arguably the nicest part. I've really never understood why folks pay so much to live in those network of roads....it's a fair distance from any transport links or train stations. Granted the Pr
  9. Oh yes, the Nathan Barley types love slumming it in 'The Hood'. They are so 'Ghetto Fabulous Dahling'
  10. Yeah, it's one of those areas that have come up so to speak...but the prices to buy a place thereare now out of reality with what the place actually offers. There's a few places like it in London, Brixton to an extent is overpriced....Peckham Rye, Camberwell...I could go on & on.
  11. That part of Camberwell is a hole and is full of Council/Social/Problem Housing, definitely one of the worst parts even though the Architecture is moderate to quite nice. Years back an Estate Agent tried to sell me a Flat round there, Urlwin Road....nice looking street....some amazing looking Houses....backs onto Railway line & at the time plenty of the Housing was owned by Southwark...not sure if they still own loads as they were selling off plenty of stock back then. Camberwell/SE5 is a funny area, it's actually quite a popular area for the Media/Trendy/Muso/Arty folks of all ages, I'v
  12. Two totally different areas. Dalston is Urban & Gritty, aka Trendy for the under 30's Forest Hill/Honor Oak Park is more of a Suburban family area.
  13. I see. My friends got Sunnyhill which they are livid about. It's the closet school to where they live but has a terrible reputation. Sunnyhill has recruited a new head (who has an excellent reputation), apparently he's determined to turn it around, I think he turned around a school in Camberwell a few years back. The Middle Class who live in the area categorically refuse too send their children to Sunnyhill, the choice seems to be St Andrews (Catholic), St Leonards (COE), Julians or Streatham & Clapham (Private). When we apply for my daughter it's going to be St Leonards or Julians..
  14. Interesting. Friends of mine who live a few doors down from me, I'm Streatham\Streatham Hill area applied for this school but got rejected due to large waiting list etc. Seems like the expansion could solve quite a few problems for both Streatham\Streatham Hill\Balham residents.
  15. I absolute hate these "tasteless" tacky development jobs on Period properties. Horrible soulless House, totally overpriced too.
  16. Dunraven is in Streatham and isn't anything special, it was a failing School a few years ago. It's only rated...because it's improving and is one of the only half-decent (at a stretch) Secondary Schools in Lambeth. I also find the Henry Cavendish thing totally baffling in Balham, it's not even that good a Primary School yet folks are falling over themselves to spend up to 800K on a House in the catchment area, nuts!
  17. I'm not amazed, Balham is a horribly overpriced / overrated area which is just basically an extension of Clapham for the Tarquin & Talulah's of this world. It's amazing what a Starbucks & Pizza Express can do for House prices.
  18. Yep, Share of Freeholds can be just as painful, it's a myth that they solve problems. If the OP has the budget for a Freehold then he should opt for one instead.
  19. Probably that it's fairly Central and close to East Dulwich/Dulwich Schools. Also quite a left wing/radical thing for the middle classes to raise their family in an Urban area like Camberwell, just as it is in Brixton. Still doesn't make sense, but each to their own.
  20. Oh I understand why young people want to live there, it's near to town is quite a buzzy eclectic/eccentric area. What I don't understand is why folks pay big bucks for Period Conversions and Pokey Terraced Houses. Camberwell has quite a sizeable community of Middle Class families and not all of them live in Camberwell Grove. Don't get me wrong, I love those Regency Houses on Camberwell Grove, but that's about as far as it stretches for me in Camberwell, the rest of the area is pretty meh and I just don't understand why it's so expensive. Edited to add: I lived in the area for a few years s
  21. Aye, I thought as much. SE5 does seem to be very popular which completely baffles me. Folks seem to pay pretty big bucks for Period Family homes there.
  22. http://www.woosterstock.co.uk/details/7523.html SE5 prices are very strange. I can't for the life of me understand why this 2 up 2 down is on at just shy of 500K. Ok so it's in pretty good nick, but the price? It's less than 1000SQ ft in size and doesn't look like it can be extended as it appears to have one of those Flat / London style roofs. Also from my knowledge of Camberwell, Benhill Road certainly isn't one of the prime streets like Camberwell Grove or Grove Lane etc.
  23. I suppose WD isn't "trendy enough" or "urban" enough for the majority. It's crazy because it's a very nice place that is relatively central with decent Housing stock, the prices are fair there in comparison to other areas nearby. Prices in HH/ED/SE5 are crazy, have been for quite a while. Obviously each of those areas have their appeal, especially bits of HH & SE5 (Camberwell Grove area). ED is all hype IMHO, 400K for tiny 2 up 2 downs with a lick of paint and faux plantation shutters.
  24. You should be relieved you didn't buy one. Over 300K for 500Sq feet of House? Totally insane, all the rooms are tiny, the bedroom barely passes as a double, it's more like a large single, the rooms downstairs are tiny too....honestly who buys this kind of shit at these crazy prices?
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