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  1. Now under offer in less than a week on the market. HPI is rampant here.
  2. It's funny (depressing) reading some of the old posts in this thread. A couple of people noted how Accordia was a nice development but the expensive townhouses were sticking and selling slowly with price reductions expected. Not anymore.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40710458.html Sold in 2008 for £770k. Up for sale now for £1.175m and under offer. Presuming they achieved asking price that's £405,000/50%+ profit on a nice but not amazing house between 2008-2013.... who'd have ever predicted that??
  3. The £675k flat is a bit of an extreme example, they're calling it a penthouse for some reason even though there's two apartments above it. Two beds typically sell for £350k and one beds for £250k. The haven't really gone up at all since they were built in 2006/7 - other than a few exceptions!
  4. Savills are in a bullish mood that's for sure: Nice flat in a prime location but £650k??!! Sold in 2008 for £475,000 and then again in 2011 for £460,000. 18 months later and it's now up for almost £200,000 more!! I bet they sell it as well. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26501574.html This one comes with the lovely view of a railway line and a busy road. All for the princely sum of £675,000, oh and a £450 per month service charge. Sold for £420,000 in 2009. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26540523.html This is insane. How utterly depressing!
  5. There does seem to be a lot of construction going on in Cambridge. I heard that 90% of the Riverside flats on the old CRC site were sold to Singaporeans. Looking on Rightmove it seems that a few are trying to exit pre-completion. Be interesting to see what happens with these now that Singapore is in recession. Does anyone know what's being built between CB2 Cafe and Anglia Ruskin uni? Is it uni extension?
  6. Yes, they do look very tired. The last three that have sold haven't had a penny spent on the interiors for 20yrs. Strange for a £400k flat not to be modern inside. Makes me think they're used as second homes . The ground floor flats look very scruffy when you walk past. Some of them look like they've been empty for a while. As for the noise - I imagine it's not that bad if you're two or three floors up. The fact that only one or two come onto the market each year must mean people enjoy living there.
  7. They're the ones behind Beaufort Place then. I remember seeing the article that they applied for a change of use due to poor sales. However, I never saw them advertised for sale. I'd have thought in that location they'd have sold....unless the prices were crazy (even more crazy than normal)
  8. They must've sold 5 or 6 within the last month or so. I still think that Beaufort Place is hard to beat if you want an expensive city centre flat. Only one or two come up for sale a year and they always sell for asking price within a few weeks. And none of them have had a penny spent on the interiors for 20yrs....bit like this one (crap photos) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-ren...rtyType%3Dflats
  9. Well spotted. God that living room is tiny - you'd get square eyes watching the TV from that distance.
  10. Does anyone know what's happened to the expensive Christ's View flats www.christsview.co.uk ? They seemed to be struggling and there were about 8 for sale on RM. Now they've all dissappeared within the last month or so and are all down as reserved on their web site. Maybe a foreign investor has bought them up. Also does anyone know the situation with the flats being built on Thompsons Lane? I seem to remember reading that they were struggling to sell them yet I've never seen them advertised anywhere.
  11. Nice place indeed. There are some flats being constructed nearby - anybody know the story with them? They don't seem to be on rightmove. Perhaps they're not listing them until they're finished in the hope that the market will have recovered by then!
  12. I don't get why anyone would want to live in Cambridge unless you're right in the centre? The centre (historic part of town) is beautiful but the rest is pretty awful and expensive. Wouldn't you rather live in one of the surrounding villages and have a nicer house? What do people think to the Christ's view apartments opposite the old Robert Sayle entrance? I like them but at £500k a pop and no parking I feel they're ripe for a steep price fall. Who'd want to pay £500k for an apartment with no parking
  13. What do people think of this development? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-202...=9&tr_t=buy On the face of it it looks pretty decent for the money. A lot cheaper than many flats in Cambs and it comes with secure parking and a decent setting. Or am I missing something? If/when these become sub £200k I think they'd be value for moeny
  14. Yep, so they'll do better than most in a recession. Quality always sells. Still surprised to see something go for 10% over asking price in the current climate.
  15. So this was on the market for £420k: it needs gutting so lets say £50k for top kitchen, flooring, furniture and 2 x bathrooms there's been 3 offers of.... ...£460k
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