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  1. el_presidente

    Time To Give Up

    I thinkk Crossrail is having a significant impact on prices in the Slough / Maidenhead / Reading corridor
  2. el_presidente

    Teachers Leaving In Droves

    http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/14261990.Shortage_of_teachers_is__worse_than_ever__thanks_to_housing_crisis_in_Oxford/ "Headteachers say the struggle to employ new staff and encourage teachers to stay in jobs in Oxford is largely down to high house prices."
  3. el_presidente

    Architect Optional

    this is worse http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-36628152.html?premiumA=true
  4. el_presidente

    F1 Borrows To Give Investors Money

    Cricket will go the same way.
  5. el_presidente

    Credit Cards

    Santander gave me £10k balance transfer 0% 0 fee for 26 months. crazy times
  6. el_presidente

    Halifax Bank, Just Had To Jump Through Hoops To Get My Money Out

    Just as a counter-anecdote, last week I rocked up to my bank and withdrew £5k in cash with no notice and not a batted eyelid from the girl serving me. She needed additional ID (I had my passport as I expected this), and it took her maybe 5-7 mins to get the 50s together, counted and in an envelope. I was NOT asked why I needed the cash. I was NOT taken into a back room. I was NOT quizzed by multiple members of staff.
  7. el_presidente

    Exit Poll Shows Tories On 316, 10 Short Of Majority

    Already here
  8. el_presidente

    Exit Poll Shows Tories On 316, 10 Short Of Majority

    Clegg is going to have to resign as leader - I cannot see any new leader going back into coalition with the Tories after what the last 5 years have done to them!
  9. el_presidente

    Exit Poll Shows Tories On 316, 10 Short Of Majority

    He won't resign his seat to force a by-election. He'll just be an MP in name only, never going anywhere near Westminster, just like Gordon Brown.
  10. el_presidente

    Deck Chair House

    Would go down well in Sunderland
  11. It's clearly a Colchester United mug. (unsurprising as the house-(&mug-)owning mug hails from deepest darkest Essex). If the Torygraph can't even get that right how are we expected to believe anything else in this propaganda release?
  12. el_presidente

    Google Targets Mortgage Brokers

    I agree Google Maps are atrocious. Bing maps provide the OS maps with a much nicer interface than Streetmap
  13. Maybe he was managing a shop, or perhaps working for TFL in the tube station
  14. Every time LLL goes to London in this series, the punters have a look of horror and disbelief every time they are shown round some bog-standard basement flat in Catford that's on for best part of half a million. You can see it in their eyes as plain as day - "you expect me to pay THAT for THIS?". Krusty and Phil laugh nervously and also have a slightly hunted look in their eyes. No-one in the entire programme seemed to believe anything they were saying. The bloke discussed above was clearly under pressure from his wife and he had a young child, I felt sorry for him. Best quote "I'm not paying half a million pounds so I can get a bus to work".

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