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  1. keep them. Or sell them to me. 2013 is reckoned to be a bit flat as far as gold is concerned, but it will probably end the year at least 5% higher than it is now - £1050 up to £1100, better than a savings account. Higher if the pound falls further, which frankly I think unlikely.
  2. Gold & silver is for AFTER a shtf scenario, Tampons, toilet paper, bottles of whisky, tobacco, your ability to mend a car, kilos of rice, brewers yeast etc is to be used for barter while gold is worth a loaf of bread.
  3. You will be paying UK 20% vat. German vat on silver is 7% I think. It doesn't work like the USA with VAT, you pay your own local rate wherever in Europe you buy the stuff. They closed the VAT-free silver window from the Channel Islands when they stopped us buying CD's from Amazon posted from Jersey I have had Silver posted to me from the USA, with a full declaration on the package and expecting to pay VAT/duty but no-one ever asked me. Likewise I have brought silver into the UK from the US (10 oz slabs) but they don't scan laptop bags full of metal when you get OFF the plane. Likewise it is
  4. I've only used www.coininvestdirect.com, who are very good. Oh and my local coin shop who are also good value when you buy a half-sovereign, 1/10 krugerrand or similar.
  5. Hello Bart, you got me on the virtuous slope in the first place. In York and Manchester there are bullion shops you just walk in and pay cash for their gold. Spinks on the Shambles in York you pay 10% over spot. Unfortunately the shopkeeper won't be persuaded that second-hand silver should be VAT-free. So I won't pay her 20% + (10% x 1.2) = 32% markup.
  6. Well you didn't watch it til the end then. The point she makes is that 80% used to be middle class in the usa, with all the lifestyle stuff you'd expect, it's going to shrink In the UK I bet you think it's based on accent and place of birth. Well, I'm posh, I was born in Hampshire and I know which knife and fork to use. I'm poor I live in Yorkshire, I earn 27k and as a single parent with 3 children I get benefits (which I magically turn into gold every month, for I don't need them yet), so what class am I ? I'll tell you. Working class and Middle class ARE THE SAME THING. The alternatives
  7. Hello I'm new to this thread and can't be bothered to read 7 pages to see if my points have been made. 1. I disagree with Bill Still because he thinks Government can be trusted to control the supply of fiat currency in circulation. I don't. 2. I think he may take votes from Ron Paul, who does hold the constitutional view of debasing currency, and stands a slim chance of getting elected.
  8. Perhaps the UK Govt was sowing seeds so we can be welcomed as workers in Poland in 20 years' time. I used to travel a lot to Poland on business around 2005-2008, and the company managers were suffering because in the godforsaken towns where their factories were, all the decent labour was in the UK, they were left with the chavs.
  9. Whose seas? Look at a map. The Scottish-English border is not east-west, it is pretty much 45 degrees, pointing to Stavanger in Noway. The sea border continues from the land one. Most of that North Sea oil landed in Aberdeen is English. The sooner you set up your North Atlantic 'arc of prosperity' the happier and richer I will be. And why when I'm there can't I watch all of Newsnight?
  10. It usually takes 3 days for money to go from one account to another via S.O., including the day it goes out. Your landlord cannot expect the money before the 1st. If the 1st is a Saturday he'll get his money on Monday 1st thing. It sounds like he wasn't expecting it on Saturday, but it wasn't there on Monday either. He didn't moan about it not being there on Friday. If you have to pay by a particular date you have to take the bank's thieving into account (they make interest on holding your cash for 2 more nights). So if you have to pay by the 1st, you must set up your standing order to go
  11. I posted this elsewhere as a response to a specific request. It took me like a f*g hour to write properly so I thought I'd share it with the rest of the internets. I have at last persuaded the OH to put her unwanted cash into gold. Here in the UK gold bullion is VAT-free and sovereigns, being legal tender (worth 250 x face value...) are CGT-free as well. Buying most things here other than food, books and children's clothes means paying VAT @ 20%, and that includes silver. If I buy silver from America, outside the EU, I have to pay 20% VAT. Import duties kick in if you buy many hundreds of
  12. I can't answer the question about the weight of a sovereign, but many currencies' names derive from a weight of some kind, like: pound / lira from a troy pound (12 ozt) of sterling silver, a pennyweight is 1/240 of a troy pound a mark is half a pound / 8 oz peso just means weight etc All the old European currency units represented a certain amount of gold /silver up til the end of the gold standard, which is why the coins were all of similar sizes (except maybe the lira) even when made of cu-ni and their values had inflated away at different rates. 1 franc = 1 lira = 1 mark = 1 guilder
  13. Fair enough so how does one register one's disdain for the choices available? Not voting means not caring about the result. Should we all vote with big black V's all over the paper? Would anyone find out about it?
  14. They used AV when I was university to rename the Mandela Bar. He'd just become President of South Africa got released from prison, so he was no longer the socialist demigod he had been until 5 minutes previously. Anyway there were about 30 suggestions, all approved by the Students' Union, including some worthy people who had been to the university, lived in the town etc. As well as some really silly ones. With AV you nominate your, first, 2nd, 3rd,....29th, 30th choices. The bar's new official name was the Fluffy Grey Squirrel bar. It was never called this, and was called the Main Bar,
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