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  1. senior firmware designer/engineer in development. Same work as in cambridge. I came to canada as landed immigrant on point system skill catagory. Uk too have somewhat similar hsmp system ( now called tier 1). Thanks chaps for your comments. Different people have different opinons on places.
  2. Chaps, i moved to uk from India on high skill category visa 5 years back. Settled with job & buy house in 2007 in Cambridge(at height of property prices). Then due to family pressure . I have to again move to Canada (in June this year) to live close to sibling. I sold my house this year at little less than I bought. So having a loss. But I am able to handle it. I left my 50k(pounds) job in Cambridge & got 100k(CAD) in Markham near Toronto. But surprisingly I miss Cambridge a lot. English weather is one of the best, In my 4-5 years of stay in UK I like that weather
  3. I accept all your arguments. Question is will the house price crash as you predict in pounds or not. You should know they are crashing anyway if you count in USD , gold etc . At 1.42 rate, the house prices have crashed more than 15% anyway in USD in last 2-3 months. So does it make any difference to people working & living in UK? As of now no change. Foreign investor are buying stocks in big way Till UK govt can keep inflation under 5% , let currency go down by 30% or more. It does not matter much. It fact it is good for the country as importers are taki
  4. I presume definition of Good location in broad sense should be The recent 3 years of ofsted school report should have 80% plus results Low local crime rate Good Upward social mobility of people living in the area. Such area generally will never have its property price down
  5. Just buy the house & get on with life. Make sure you are buying in good location. Property is all about location location location. It does not matter if it small or big. But location should be good. You are all safe with your investment. There are still Many people around the world who would buy property in UK provided they are in good location.
  6. I doubt. It won't. The way GBP value is going down. It make sence to rather have a property in hand rather than GBP.
  7. You are right. Market seems to be on hold at the moment. I have put my house on sale. No offers so far. Very few viewings. Only three in last 10 days. I will wait for 2 more months. If nothing happens, then will put house on rent for couple of year, as I am moving abroad. Also it seems the way pound currency value is going down it will not be difficult for me to maintain house by earning in dollars.
  8. Best way to check area in around cambridge is to see the ofsted school report of nearby schools . Report with 80% genreal means good area. Also check Citi (1,2,3,4,5,,6,) buse's 10 minute service routes cover area. That cover area genreal means cambridge and around.
  9. believe me we are already doing our best land rover/jaguar deal, tata steel plant deal. they all save thousands of British jobs
  10. My guess is foreign aid and business deals have close relationship Be it Essar's oil exploitation in rajistan(west india) Q2 mobile business in india etc etc Chinese have started give aid to African countries ,make stadiums and try get oil wells deals Even India give aid to Afghanistan in tune of 5 billion dollars over last few years, making roads,hospitals, and off course its consulates in its many towns along border of pakistan.
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