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  1. It is impossible to "rush" selling houses. Even for the most prepared, instructing estate agents, legal stuff. The fastest I ever sold a house was 3 months, the property sold the same week and the buyer was keen an ready to go.
  2. I reckon what Johnson actually means is no point in giving pay rises to the little people. CEOs , bankers, tory voting pensioners , crack on
  3. Private firm having to pay more to stop staff jumping ship. Its not going to be great being a public sector professional for a while
  4. Inflation is being driven by fuel issues, petrol , electricity /gas. These feed into everything we consume hence rising prices. not sure why as there is no shortage of any of the these things. Weak pound also. It was roughly 6/7% inflation before Ukraine. Government tax rises don’t help council tax etc always goes up by inflation busting amounts , national insurance increase. I get Johnson’s reasoning but to be honest he can get stuffed.
  5. No way imagine zoom on dial up. Might have worked for a tiny percentage of It literates. This was a time when the masses still struggled with computers
  6. Been around a lot longer than 2000 sadly . But it wouldn’t have happened, wfh wouldn’t have existed so stay at home would not have been viable, the NHS would have been in better shape. We had slightly more sensible leaders we could have put more effort into protecting the elderly and vulnerable . Instead we sent school kids home for weeks on end because someone might have tested positive within 2M of them. My kids were sent home for weeks on end , causing endless stress and juggling. Almost no kids were in hospital or died. What was the point? Meanwhile. The elderly were unaffected by all the effort to save them and could potter about garden centres behind triple masks with no issue. Didn’t restrict / “protect” the elderly for political reasons imho
  7. Yes utter lunacy. Along with plastic screens and people wearing masks on their own in cars . Mass hysteria that we are now all literally paying for.
  8. They were bounced / panicked into it by the media and public health zealots. The NHS would have been stretched and in hindsight the 1st lockdown was probably required. Further lockdowns were not required, sheilding the elderly and vunerable would have probably had a similar effect as they take up most of the NHS time. Instead we had all these nonsense school closures, pointless mask wearing and other nonsense that protected noone
  9. I have a hybrid model and a 30min walk to work when I need to go into the office. I get recruiters phoning me about jobs for say a couple grand a year more salary . They struggle to understand that as a high rate tax payer I only get 60% of that extra income and after factoring a 20mile commute I would be hugely worse off due to costs.
  10. you can bet they wont. High rate tax threshold frozen until 2026 also . Assuming 10% inflation a year state pensioners pensioners will be paying this. Ok maybe not but many will be dragged in
  11. It is also the use of perecentages, a 10% rise for state pension is probably similar in financial cost to a 1% rise in the average salary. Showing rises or falls in percentage terms is highly misleading and leads to outrage
  12. Not great timing though is it. I agree that not every pensioner is dripping in diamonds but the current system is a huge mess
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