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  1. big difference between uk and canada schooling your joking right?
  2. Elephant and Castle is a horrible area, and even worse its surrounded by bad areas, Stockwell, Oval, Kennington, Camberwell. This is the worst area in all of London in my opinion. You would have to travel by underground or bus to go anywhere decent. So why bother moving to save on commuting if you still have to travel so much. The link shows the flat at 657 sqf, seems much larger than that!
  3. This is the profile of an apprentice contestant... I am sure she bought with cash, would a bank give a mortgage to a 12 yo, or maybe RBS or Northern Rock had special mortgages for young people. Zoe Beresford Age: 26 Occupation: Project Manager – Drinks Manufacturer Lives: Cheshire Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Zoe joined her family firm straight from university and played an integral role in the company's development working in sales and marketing. Zoe, who bought a house with her sister at the age of just 12, describes her attitude as not "why" but "why not". Zoe was awarded the Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Technology Prize for the highest dissertation mark in the school of engineering
  4. Except when the World Cup was on, then is was 200 for a couple of nights. I would go back but definitely not during the busy times.
  5. I can't wait to move out of N1, great place to go for a night out but to live there is another thing. Too many council scroungers, with their status dogs, crime is probably one of worst areas in London. I think there was a programme on TV a few years ago that called Islington the worst place to live in the UK, and now I understand why.
  6. I live in n1 and defintely overpriced as stuff is on the market for ages check property snake or property bee to see what i mean. Also bezier at old street is not selling at all. There is another at new development on new north to road and a couple on city road. Actually n1 must have the one of the highest amiunts of council tenants so will be interesting to see how the benefit cuts effect things.
  7. Just make sure you have a pension of some sort, whether it be gold or the mattress, otherwise, you face bleak job prospects in old age and poverty, with that attitude.
  8. I agree that its only worthwhile for 40% tax rate payers, that what I meant by high earners. But remember of that tax rebate, its effectively almost 70% ROI which is guaranteed, which is impossible to beat with any investment. Of that rebate 50% is tax free refunded, and then 25% of the pension is also tax free. A lot of the pension comes back tax free, in the end and certainly 100% of it grows tax free the whole time. The simple fact is you will need a pension in old age, or live in poverty, or work if someone will hire you at 70!
  9. Why is it bonkers? I calculate about £600,000 2.50 per day, from age 20-65 45 years, compounded at 8-10% inflation 4% Its possible, 8-10% return on investment is certainly realistic, you could probably do much better if your good at investments. The point is that you dont have to save much to have a big pension. Just make sure its tax efficent, and you start early so the returns compound. A £1000 investment after 45 years at 8% is £30,000
  10. Pensions for high earners are much much more tax efficient than property. Also, I think a lot of BTL are tax free anyway, as people don't declare them? Am I correct?
  11. I am looking to buy at the moment now within zone 2-3 and selling prices are around 2006-7 level. Some listing prices over 2007, but they are not selling, stuff on the market, months, and in some cases YEARS in good central locations! LOTS of good price reductions. The odd bargin can definitely be had, and I mean well below 2006 prices. The London market is dead, volumes are terrible that is obvious to see. I only see indicators pointing down for the London market, immigrants leaving, lack of demand (or lack of people with deposits/jobs) and gov't cutbacks will hit hard. A lot of unoccupied places out there on my viewing trips. Agents, brokers, surveyors are like leeches desparate for work. The bubble is deflating slowly....
  12. Yes, but you can get the benefits of a pension and invest them in almost anything via a SIPP. and control the charges yourself. No investment is free of charges, but I understand what you mean by city folk ripping off investors, so its not just pension funds, its all investments, even property.
  13. The tax benefits of pension to a high income earner are very good, and I think long term that is a better investment than BTL. BTL makes 5% gross at best, and you will struggle to cover the mortgage unless you put down a massive deposit, so you will lose money for several years in the current market. In a penson, you 25% cash back now, plus 25% uplift (effectively a 70% return in year one, then you can take out 25% tax free at 55). That said, most BTL ignore the tax impact of their investment as it is unclaimed (so I hear?) BTL has poor yields, huge expenses, maintenance, lots of risks, and thats before the tax impact, no thanks! I will put my money in ISAs and SIPPS until I see atleast a 10% yield on BTL.
  14. It depends on what your risk level is. And if your just investing in one fund, best if you get a diversified fund, Like Artemis Strategic Assets. If you want to take more risk, Agriculture and Infrastructure funds are a good bet. try this website for more information. http://www.trustnet.com/
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