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  1. Just a little question that i would appreciate some thoughts on. If my savings are tied up in bonds (50% ending March/April 2010) and ISA's (50%), would you ever consider breaking off the bond, or releasing the cash ISA to enable the purchase of a bit more gold (currently i have 5%) or shift into varied currencies... I will be keeping the bond (at least it ends pre-election), but am tempted to put some of the ISA into the yellow shiny stuff - to bring it up to 10-15% of total savings. Also, say i was to consider shifting cash isa into a s&s isa to purchase some gold related stocks - am
  2. In theory i like it, found this arcticle... followed by a few (more recent) comments... http://piggington.com/everbank_rated_c_by_weiss
  3. Afternoon all, interesting read as i find myself in a similar situation... I am considering: - 30% foreign cash (EURO/AUD or other cash account...) Is dollar a no-no...?? Peter Schiff would certainly say so... 10% gold (goldmoney.com?) 50% sterling cash ISA’s shifted to the highest available rates (don’t want to lose my ISA allowances...) 10% savings bond in sterling The issue i have at the moment is making the spread into other currencies in cash. I have a citibank dollar account, but i dont really think that dollar is the way to go... (although is this a good hedge against gold?) i
  4. Thanks for the reply Jonny, I was considering www.goldmoney.com, but still have to finalise the research... As for keeping the ISA's i agree and do want to keep hold. Its the 1 year bond that i am concerned about, as 90% of the fund is split between this and the ISA's... If i want to diversify quickly (i.e. before March next year) then it means leaving one of these behind. Not overly keen on losing 6 months interest on the bond, but then again, it could be a lot worse come March...! I have a CitiBank Dollar account, but at the moment i am at a loss on how to get money into any other curr
  5. Hello all. Its my first post after a year or so of stalking these boards... so be gentle! I am a young chap in a rather fortunate position in that I have inherited a sum of approx £35k.... even though I was lucky enough to inherit it and I have not directly earned or saved for it – preventing this cash dissipating into nothingness is still a major, major issue. I am a novice, but have spent the last year or so trying to keep a keen eye on the situation, admittedly mainly through this website and the links it provides. I have also tried to read around a little. It seems to me that the bi
  6. Hi there folks, As the name suggests i am a long time lurker over the past year or so. I have learnt alot over the time spend reading the forum and the articles presented here... but i remain a novice! Finally looking to join the debate. Cheers Dave. (Forgive my spelling at times, if you can.)
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