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  1. Just a little question that i would appreciate some thoughts on. If my savings are tied up in bonds (50% ending March/April 2010) and ISA's (50%), would you ever consider breaking off the bond, or releasing the cash ISA to enable the purchase of a bit more gold (currently i have 5%) or shift into varied currencies... I will be keeping the bond (at least it ends pre-election), but am tempted to put some of the ISA into the yellow shiny stuff - to bring it up to 10-15% of total savings. Also, say i was to consider shifting cash isa into a s&s isa to purchase some gold related stocks - am i right in thinking you cant transfer it back into the cash isa at a later date? as always, i am simply interested in other peoples opinions. I will be doing my own research, worry not...
  2. In theory i like it, found this arcticle... followed by a few (more recent) comments... http://piggington.com/everbank_rated_c_by_weiss
  3. Afternoon all, interesting read as i find myself in a similar situation... I am considering: - 30% foreign cash (EURO/AUD or other cash account...) Is dollar a no-no...?? Peter Schiff would certainly say so... 10% gold (goldmoney.com?) 50% sterling cash ISA’s shifted to the highest available rates (don’t want to lose my ISA allowances...) 10% savings bond in sterling The issue i have at the moment is making the spread into other currencies in cash. I have a citibank dollar account, but i dont really think that dollar is the way to go... (although is this a good hedge against gold?) i heard about a euro account at nationwide, but i guess the interest will be zero...? Also in general with these kind of cash accounts i imagine that shifting cash into different cash accounts costs money in fees? I am also considering www.goldmoney.com for the gold purchase, and experience on this? I am a young novice who has been trying his best to protect some fortunately recieved inheritance... i read as much as i can, but putting into practice certain strategies is a big step! Sweeping the worries under the carpet and sitting in sterling cash is soo easy... but i might end up with no pennies! Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks for the reply Jonny, I was considering www.goldmoney.com, but still have to finalise the research... As for keeping the ISA's i agree and do want to keep hold. Its the 1 year bond that i am concerned about, as 90% of the fund is split between this and the ISA's... If i want to diversify quickly (i.e. before March next year) then it means leaving one of these behind. Not overly keen on losing 6 months interest on the bond, but then again, it could be a lot worse come March...! I have a CitiBank Dollar account, but at the moment i am at a loss on how to get money into any other currency... any advice welcome. I heard about a nationwide euro account, but i struggled to tie it down on the website. Cheers for your input. p.s. sorry that this thread may have been parked in the wrong sub-forum, it probably should be in the investment section... my bad.
  5. Hello all. Its my first post after a year or so of stalking these boards... so be gentle! I am a young chap in a rather fortunate position in that I have inherited a sum of approx £35k.... even though I was lucky enough to inherit it and I have not directly earned or saved for it – preventing this cash dissipating into nothingness is still a major, major issue. I am a novice, but have spent the last year or so trying to keep a keen eye on the situation, admittedly mainly through this website and the links it provides. I have also tried to read around a little. It seems to me that the big problems that have caused this economic situation are still being allowed to continue, and even worse being potentially damaging over stimulating QE. Although like everyone here I want eventually to buy a home, at the moment I just can’t imagine house prices not taking a further tumble, and so I don’t see this as a reasonable option just yet. As with many folk, including those with a large STR fund, the big question on my lips is how do I protect this fund. Is the UK going to spiral into further economic woe, and have I missed the opportunity to protect my inheritance to the maximum extent possible?! Back in April I considered putting 10% in gold, but didn’t do it in the end as I plain and simply got a bit nervous, delayed and eventually the busyness of life took over... now I find myself in November in the same situation. I am currently considering the following, but I don’t know how to go about portioning such a ‘portfolio’... 30% foreign (EURO/AUD/DKK cash account receiving little interest – how easy to do this?) Is dollar a no-no...?? Peter Schiff would certainly say so... 10% gold 50% sterling cash ISA’s shifted to the highest available rates (don’t want to lose my ISA allowances...) 10% savings bond in sterling I currently have 50% in a savings bond at 3.75% ending April. Is it worth ending a year bond 6 months early to try and ditch sterling? As always, i do not expect foolproof answers from anyone, as I understand that this is something that I have to be comfortable with and ultimately understand myself - its my money and we are in risky times.. I would just really appreciate any input from you guys, as i do think that there are a few clever bodies stalking this site. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there folks, As the name suggests i am a long time lurker over the past year or so. I have learnt alot over the time spend reading the forum and the articles presented here... but i remain a novice! Finally looking to join the debate. Cheers Dave. (Forgive my spelling at times, if you can.)
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