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  1. I'd have thought a new 12 month high was quite newsworthy enough to warrant talking about. Still, I didn't start the thread I just commented.
  2. This the very reason that this site has become so slow recently. People haven't left, they've all topped themselves though depression. Liven up! Happy days are here again!
  3. I'm sorry I'm not very good with computers and I've only just learned how to use the forum although I've been reading it for years. Oh, if you could please point me in the direction of the topic yesterday about the FTSE reaching a new 12 month high I'd be grateful, seems I must have missed it. Thanks.
  4. You missed the part about the FTSE reaching a new 12 month high two days in a row. Edit: actually that's gone strangely unreported on here...
  5. Oh well, not to worry. Maybe things will get worse after the holidays?
  6. For last quarters figures, yes, precisely. You'll see how loud Brown and Darling shout just before the election. If the news came too soon it'd all be forgotten by May. Just the bit where it says 'Not even thinking about ever getting close to 2.5M, never mind 3.0M+ like everyone though it was going to be AND the rate has been slowing two months in a row. Irrelevant for savings over such a short space of time. A non starter of a point. Give your average guy a couple of grand he didn't have before and what's he going to do? Pay off 2% of his mortgage to save enough for an extra pint
  7. What was the reason for your bad month in August? Is there anything to suggest there will be a repeat of this in September, October and November or are things looking up meaning a return to how life was in June/July? All the news these days suggests a return indeed to how things were before 'August'. Maybe even better.
  8. What a well thought out and informed response.
  9. Interest rates are such a red herring. Most people on fixed rate have seen the deals they got two years ago when IR's were high come to and end. Now their banks are autocratically giving them another fixed rate term for another couple of years at half the rate. MASSIVE SAVINGS. Quite honestly I don't think your average Joe really cares what interest rates do for the next couple of years and by then this will all be a distant memory.
  10. People have been hoarding it away in fear of loosing their jobs. Crises is over and people are going back to work again. You'll see over the Xmas period and into the sales next year people starting to part with their massive balances now. GDP was manipulated last quarter to delay the good news until right before the election. With the Xmas boost in there I can see +1.0% GDP rise or more. Clever really.
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