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  1. An easy mistake to make - and to be fair a portion of my output is on the troll side. However, on occasion, a serious question deserves a serious answer. I agree that the 'recovery' in the markets has been extraordinary, but this may be down to relief rallies, and excessively low interest rates. I agree that the markets in all areas, including gold if I might say, are looking suspiciously like bubble territory. However, investing is arguably a series of risky positions. I am not sure there is any grand agenda, but hey, maybe there is. As long as I can ride along, and get out at the right
  2. Yes I don't like these programs either, so I don't watch them.
  3. OK then. As well as drip feeding into an ISA into a variety of emerging market, commodity, property, UK income, and smaller co equities, and building a reasonably high balance of corporate bonds - I try to keep an eye on what is happening by reading various media. I do not like the single person pov, such as those who create You Tube clips to tell us like it is, but am prepared to take a very small amount of notice of it. If more than one source backs it up it might be of interest. I do not subscribe to the end of the world theories, or conspiracy theories. If anyone really knew what was
  4. It's Sterling. That's our currency. I bet she is. Oh what? You want sympathy? Life's hard for lots of people, without 100k in the bank.
  5. Yeah, that would be death knell I think. http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/deathnail.html On the market stuff. Love a conspiracy, but prefer sensible investing.
  6. Hello. I'm mewbie. 5,000 posts on MSE and banned. Was it my comments about Martin's free pizza that did it? Or a concerted wind up by a particularly unpleasant bull alias troll over there? Anyway IP address banned, at home and work (lol). Hello HPC.
  7. Hi. Just thought you might like to know that after 5,000 posts I got banned from MSE. IP address. Not sure if it was my attitude towards bulls, or the bullish stance of MSE's forum (all news is good news), or simply mocking a site that places free pizza above house price discussion. Anyway hi to anyone from there, who is over here - iyswim.
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