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  1. Read this article from the Daily Telegraph less than a week old: Tensions rise at BOE Quote from the article: "This "operation" is the logistical exercise of arranging and paying for Blanchflower's flights and accommodation while he stays in the UK. The arrangement certainly put a few noses in the Bank out of joint. This newspaper was told last week that David Walton, another member of the committee, promptly asked King to be reimbursed for his rail ticket to the monthly meetings. It is thought this remark was made in jest. The Bank does not deny it, although it notes wryly that such a claim would be in breach of personal tax rules." It sounds as though David Walton was not only fighting for a common sense rate rise but also questioning Browns apointment of the American based 'Blanchflower' to the committee and the blatent frivolous waste of money in accommodating him. It sounds as though Walton was becoming a bit of a loose cannon and getting very close to opening up a can of worms. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if there is more to this than meets the eye. It sends a shiver down my spine anyway.
  2. I know that alot of banks and building societies have tightnened their lending critea against new build apartments so perhapes you are right...maybe it is a second wave of individual BTLers still lending money from them but on alternative properties. If thats the case then they will all have varying financial pain thresholds and any inbalance in the market would send the narrow minded ones to the wall. However I would still like to see some proof that its not the sindicates moving in...any way of finding this out...would it need to recorded anywhere, accessable if this were the case?
  3. Well depends in what context you mean by die......because it could be the case there is no hope for anybody, FTBers,and Independent BTLers, bears, bulls alike, the only winners being corrupt ministers and the super rich. If big corporate run financial syndicates with infinite buying power move in then they will have the monopoly. Because its linked to pensions people involved won't be screaming for their yeilds straight away, they will have to wait untill they retire. Plenty of time for future stealth taxes to be invented and manipulated against them. Its quite possible that rents will be forced down in the short term and house prices up. BTL Bulls will not be able to compete with this and tempted to sell. Though albeit with a massive capital gains bill. The only buyers with the funds still able to buy will be the syndicates, continually hoovering up any scrap of property becoming available.
  4. I'm seeing something very unusual going on at the moment, a lot of two bedroom houses in prominent catchment areas that have been on the market since the beginning of the year with no interest so far, have all just been sold in a matter of the last couple of weeks. I know Sipps has been widely discussed on here already and Gordon Brown's initial step down on the matter hailed as a victory. Then came the news he was again considering yet another U-Turn, back to the original understanding most pension holders had of first concept.I know the talk was that residential property could only be purchased by syndicates of 11 or more people and in thus doing so would not have a big impact on supply of properties availability and prices etc. However if you think about it, will this not have a more damaging effect? People who would not have necessarily had the funds to go solo before can now muck in with others buying into big corporate run financial syndicates with infinite buying power? Alternatively people who have the funds may at present only be allowed to hold a ten per cent share of an individual property but what is to stop them owning individual ten per cent shares in say one thousand properties? I hope to god I'm wrong and please somebody convince me that I am just being paranoid. If what I'm seeing is just a lot of delayed overstretched first time buyers coming into the market or even home owners seeing the light and now down sizing, then fine. If what I am seeing is the start of syndicate portfolio building on a grand scale then something needs to be done. Is anybody else currently witnessing this happening? :angry:
  5. ..Sorry Mrs clangnuts I didn't mean to offend..... here is a cleaner version: "After completing medical school as a qualified Psychiatrist, Bert could no longer get a job with the NHS as they were all currently being layed off....... ....so he applied for the only other job were he would get to work with the Criminally and Mentally insane all day and that was his local estate agents......!
  6. After completing medical school as a qualified gynaecologist, Bert could no longer get a job with the NHS as they were all currently being layed off....... ....so he applied for the only other job were he would get to work with ***ts all day and that was his local estate agents......!
  7. ...Say that again...You want to drag us both out of here by our testicles into the street and beat us with a nailed club untill we stop breathing?? ...Sir...surely you are joking....Sir???....Sir???....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
  9. Unable to edit....corrected...email address...paperclip...
  10. >What ever you do don't listen to the previous advice, shared ownership >what a lot of cobblers, why not try these alternative sites to get a balanced view >of the current market - housepricecrash.co.uk >On what experience and information is this 'balanced advice' provided? >Nobody on these boards is trying to get anyone to part with money (as far as I'm aware >anyway) - if people ask for advice, they are entitled to expect a polite and helpful response >from other members who have the appropriate experience and knowledge. >Perhaps you might like to look into Shared Ownership rather than condemning it - it has >helped thousands of people to get on to the housing ladder who could not otherwise have >done so. Have been trawling some other sites and came across this one. Looks like the reply came from somebody called 'Phi1'...wonder if could be the sidekick to the comedy duo Kirsty and Phil? It looks as though 'he' has been very busy today dishing out all sorts of wonderful advice.... If you would like to respond to his comments in person email: Phil12401@aol.com
  11. Nice work clangnuts...it put a smile on my face.......you have a good talent there.... Catoons are very good for conveying news instantly with an edge to getting your message across to the masses.The more humerous and down putting to a certain subject it can be the quicker sentiment can change towards that subject. There is a lot of good souce material on this site to get your imagination and ideas rolling.... Look forward to seeing more of your work... Try creating a portflio of these and send them off to the tabloids...very possible you might get them published.....
  12. Agree...sometimes you can't just wait for things to happen...sometimes they need a little push... If you start to activly promote the idea of unsustainable house prices and sow the seeds to a change of sentiment in the area you live...then expect the area you live to show the signs of cracking and the first reductions. If you do nothing then don't complain if nothing happens and house prices continue to raise in the area you live. ....the conscience on my shoulder (the little red one with the horns and pronged fork) suggested that I should buy some big adhesive labels and print the CAPTIONS: GONE STALE / ABOUT TO FOLD / BUY TO LET REGRET ...these would look great plastered over respective existing EA boards showing FOR SALE / SOLD OR TO LET. ...the little nasty conscience also suggested that I should get my hands on discarded EA boards and do this, but place them on verges and prominent round abouts instead...but this would summount to fly boarding and no EA would stoop to an illegal tactic such as fly boarding, so neither should we...I think these notions would best be forgotten and certainly not encouraged.................................................
  13. What makes me think up schemes like this?....well who the f*** started it? Who was it that thought they could take my right to buy an affordable home for my family slap on so much HPI that it is now so far beyond my reach.... unless I do something about it? Interested in human behavier...then thats a simple one. Its a case of self preservation. I'm trapped in a corner with no way out. The only option is to stand on my haunches and come full on scratching and spitting... And I'm sure there will be a few estate agents and other VI's squirming in their seats reading this at the moment because they know there is nothing they can do to stop it...i'm not breaking the law...I'm just another buyer who happens to change his mind 4 to 8 weeks down the road...nothing illegal with changing your mind yet is there?!...and the same could be said for my friends..incidently all of different ages and backgrounds...could keep the same house tied up for years if we wanted....driving the price way way down....untill I get the price that I think is fair....
  14. oooohhhherrrrrrr....who rattled your cage? Tell you what, let me know which estate agent you work for and I'll come and pay your branch a visit this weekend! How about it kiddo...I've got a mortgage lined up and everything...I could go and visit every single one on your books if your like.....but then you know that already don't you...won't be able to look another potential punter in the face again with out wondering...?
  15. ?? No not really...especially when I forgot to metion that the house that I've singled out is a property in the process fo being flipped. No one living there/vacant, from what I can tell all that has been done to it is a quick paint and the lawn mown. Trying to turn it around at a ludicrus price. The longer I can stall it the better/give them second thoughts. The sooner this breed is stamped out the better it will be for all of us.
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