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  1. i know, but 'index linked' can mean anything. it could be RPI - 1, RPI * 0.95, RPI - gordon's champaigne budget * 0.001...
  2. the aol insight into trolls is pretty deep. they must have had to interview 'trolls' in person to find out so much. i think a defintion of 'victim' is probably in order too. trolls need victims and most sensible people i should think, don't actually give a shiney shilling for what they read from others on forums.
  3. hmm. you missed what i was banging on about. 'index link' + 1% does not necessarily mean rpi + 1%. function(RPI) + 1%... what is the function, it does not specify !
  4. oh benevolent one! i think it is right and proper that you should pay for your greed. here's one for ya, why not utilise the fact that you can earn a high rate of pay by working LESS. this means you can:- work part time and enjoy life more rather than run yourself into the ground in what is probably a very taxing (pun intended) job pay less tax (earning at the level you do is SERIOUSLY diminishing returns - see below) create opportunities for others to earn rather than have to live of your 'charity' ...no, you won't do this because all you care about is £. you will work your **** of for
  5. i vote fixed. i think every decision from now on will be fixed (as in 'a fix' - just incase the joke is lost)
  6. "The Govt Are In On It!" i agree, but not in the way you suggest. have you seen the trade deficit, the budget deficit and the uk national debt ? they are in on it alright, in it up to their necks along with the rest of us. the boe and their members are laughing all the way....well, home i suppose
  7. hmm. what you say does bother me and is the reason i posted in the first place. all looks too good to be true - especially if you are fortunate enough to be earning in the 40% tax band ! which i aint the sum the post is this index link + 0.95% (AER, tax free) ....it never defines what the index link actually is and here is where i reckon the contention lies. without defining the function of RPI they are using the whole thing is totally ridiculous.
  8. these rewards, some are serious poppy ! i wonder if it's worth taking on a crime spree of your own, wait for the bounty to mature then turn yourself in. first offence, suspended sentence and £££££££ to take home to the wife
  9. this is the welcome page for this particular product. you get a rate that is tracked a fixed % above RPI over the term. it sounds very safe to me and if it's what it seems i am very tempted. http://www.nsandi.com/products/ilsc/index.jsp what are the main issues with these products ?
  10. okay, this is a myth. it's a myth probably initiated and cultivated by the second hand industry. it is no more true for cars than for anything else. where i do agree that buying a new car is an expensive way to go the fact is that, regardless of how much tax you pay etc, etc, the price of a new car stands and it's this price that sets a ceiling for the second hand market (i.e the price once it has left the showroom and beyond) no one will buy an old car for just 5% less than a brand new one. that is why second hand cars are significantly lower in price than new ones and for no other reason.
  11. if you are dealing through an agent then:- i think withholding rent will do you more long term damage than it may do short term good. play the game fairly and even handedly and you will be okay. my experience of renting has always been positive enough. food for thought:- 1/ the deposit is usually held by the agent. it is impossible for the landlord to simply 'run off' with your money. 2/ the cost of delapidation has to be agreed by both you and the landlord. this is a straightforward negotiation via the agent. (the landlord is as keen to reach an agreement as you are because they want to
  12. just take it on the chin like the rest of us. if you want to continue enjoying grossly unfair wealth and opportunity distribution, then you have to accept the social consequences of this. an occasional tyre slashing for your life of relative comfort is getting off quite lightly really. be thankful that you are not a 'hoody chav' who will never have any savings to take 'Another Blow To'
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