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  1. Quite right! It is the issue of sentiment that also makes the prospect of a gradual price correction less plausible. Many people suggest a 20-30% price reduction over the next 2 or 3 years. But this seems to ignore the effect of sentiment of people’s behaviour. If the majority of the market BELIEVE (i.e. sentiment) house prices are going to drop by 30% over the nest 2 years, then why on earth will they buy a depreciating asset? Surely the buyer will proceed to purchase it and only of he negotiates 20% off the seller’s price with immediate effect? Thus removing the protracted time lag.
  2. Exactly! The real question should be what causes a change in sentiment? It seems clear to me sentiment has indeed changed, and it will gradually gather momentum.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Sentiment is often underestimated as a factor in HP movements. It was a key factor in the boom, it will be a key factor in the bust.
  4. Right on RMF!!!! I have some serious concerns about BBB, that he suffers from some serious issues ranging from suppressed rage and anger...I think perhaps at his father (perhaps he came out of the closet too??!!). BBB seems to hate being addressed as Son-it winds BBB up and results in a feeling of inferiority...one can only assume the worst. Perhaps BBB hates himself for the slight tingle he gets inside when addressed as Son!!!!!!!!! BBB do you have any friends? It seems not many people like you- you were clearly bullied at school!!! You leave yourself wide open (ooh- easy BBB). Is it happ
  5. Aw....you spat your dummy out!!!! I think you were bullied as a child. In fact i KNOW you were! Interesting to know you wimp out! Had you down as a wimp but thought you would hide it better than that! Come across people like you all the time buddy- lots of hot air and a remarkable tendency to brag about wealth etc. It invariably is all a lie. I am the winner I am the winner I am the winner!! House prices are falling- they will continue to do so- then they will rise- then fall-rise-fall-rise-fall....the end!!!! All the rest is just BS! PS I KNOW you have come back to read the post, des
  6. BBB, Am HOWLING at you!!!! Insults and swear words!!! Class!!! One assumes that you are beat and cant construct a rational arguement then eh!!!??? Even your subtle "ducks" i highlighted earlier have failed you!!!!! The "conversely if you lived on the moon" comment was my comment doyle bag!!!!!- you would NOT give a rats tail about what is happening!!! But it is nice to know the young prentender agree's with the old master!!! It seems you have a problem with authority and father figures???!!! Is an underlying issue there BBB- Is there something you need closure on???!!!!!
  7. Oh my God!!!! I wondered how many posts you would need before you let your ego out of the bag!!! Hail ye, oh great one!!! Giz a quid!!!! You proper amuse me! You try to diffuse a debate on trends by giving examples of anomalies!!!! You Doyle!!!! So because house prices in your area have not fallen back (hail to thee oh lord of all knowledge and wealth) that means it isn't anywhere else does it?? Eh-eh, does it then!!!!???? Perhaps it is you who needs to look beyond ones back yard...although in your case to look beyond your 20-acre wood lined garden! As for the 10% gain argument assigned to
  8. BBB, Make me smile you do sonny. If your not ducking issue's you are responding to them with over elaborate waffle! Well, let ME tell YOU how things are: Things are on their botty. It’s as flat as a pancake. Prices are falling. Sellers are in a state of indecisiveness about the best course of action, and many are whacking price reductions on their property left right and centre. Here is some home work for you: Have a little look at the property guides and tell me what the big house builders are doing. Have a little look at the deals they have whacked on there property stock. Part-ex dea
  9. Phew!!! Thanks BBB. I hate traps and i wouldnt want to fall into one. Sounds a bit airy fairy to me though....does it live in a book? What are you estate agents telling you right now?
  10. I have monitored this website and the posts submitted for quite some time. I am flabbergasted by the blinding arrogance and foolishness of a number of the more prolific posters on this site!!! Hello!!!! I have watched and smiled silently while watching the site become a playground for the ramblings of the foolish- wrapped up in a world of theory and empirical data to support their view on the future trends of house prices. Certainly they’re a number of posters whom are more than able to construct a convincing argument to support their views, but that in no way validates their ability to pr
  11. The same is true where i live ( the sunny north east!) Is strong evidence to suggest that property is sticking at the top end, but no evidence of price reductions. The same is true at the real bottom end. Lots of stuff sticking, at relatively affordable levels, but in areas far from desirable- but that were moving quickly 3/4 months back. Information from an estate agent pal suggests that we are in a period of stand off. Buyers are waiting to see what happens, sure that if they wait they will see prices fall, but defo scared to commit in the current climate; and sellers refusing to budge on
  12. Very Good, The debate on whether or not a house price crash will occur has been done to death. Although my personal view is that a price correction will occur, and my belief is based on economic/ financial theory, extrapolated primarily from historical data, it remains prudent to accept that the theories rebuffing the correction theory are equally as valid, based on similar foundations. I think the time has come for the theorising to stop and a concerted effort made to collect and analyse the data occurring right now across the country and extrapolate a current trend based on contemporary co
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