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  1. My dad is definately eligible for Pension Credit as he is 60 and 8 months (born November 1950). I just can't seem to find a definitive answer regarding his private pension. There is nothing stated in any of the faq's online or in the literature.
  2. Hi all, I wonder if you can help please. My dad is 60, recently retired due to ill health, and has just applied for pension credit. He is under the saving threshold. However, the benefits advisers face lit up when she found out he had a private pension arranged. However, this is not due to start until 65. He only paid into it for around 15 years and it has been dormant for the last couple of years - so I don't think it will be much. In the meantime, the benefits agency will write to his former employer to find out what it is worth. My question is - can they force him to start his private pension now? Thanks, Shaun
  3. So realistically then, 265k or somewhere between 265k and the current price of 277k? The fact that we are part exchanging probably complicates things slightly I'm sure.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice please! We are buying a new build property. Original price £299,750, negotiated down to £277,750. However, we have just learned that HSBC's surveyor has valued the property 12k under at £265,000. We are part exchanging our house (at 10k under our asking price) and have paid about £800 as deposit for extras, £500 reservation fee and probably a few hundred in solicitors fees so far. Is there a standard procedure for this scenario? Stick to valuation and call their bluff, saying you'll withdraw? Or meet halfway? It is a forever house, but 12k is a lot of cash! Thanks all, Shaun
  5. Thanks all for your comments. Yep, most p/x deals are probably not so good and I was expecting the worst, but I think we did OK. We bought in May 2007 for 164k and they are offering 165k (and paying estate agents fee 1.25%). The house is on the market for 175k. However, the house needed complete modernising when we bought(which cost about 7k). We've got a 120k deposit from selling our old house.
  6. Hi all, Opinions invited please! We're buying a new build house in Shropshire (300k asking, haggled down to 277k) and part exchanging our current house for a fair price. The house ticks all the boxes and is in a good area, good schools etc. We intend to stay there for 15-20 years until retirement then possibly downsize. The mortgage will be paid off by then. We've stress tested a high interest rates scenario and we're still OK. I do think that prices will fall further, however, my question is this. With or without your crystal ball, do you think: a) The house will be worth less in 15-20 years b ) The house will be worth about the same (60k lost on interest though) c) The house will be worth more (covering the 60k interest aswell) d) The house will be fetch more than the initial price and interest combined. Whenever you look back 20 years, prices always seem to be higher. Or have the rules changed this time! Not bothered about making a profit, but would be nice to break even. Cheers James
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