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  1. I think my post may have come across in the wrong way. I do not want to exploit the unfortunate, but repossessions have to go somewhere don't they? In this climate there are fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs, and after taking advice from many investors and well-established agents in the property business, I discovered this to be one option. If you feel I am asking a question that doesn't agree with your morals, I apologise. However, please keep your personal feelings to yourself 'browneconomy' as I am looking for professional responses. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm new to property, but always had a keen interest in it. I understand that buying repossessed properties (if handled correctly) could yield a significant return in the short term, and potentially an even greater return if held onto. However, I have trawled the web high and low searching for a central source for repossessions and the only success I have had property consultants who will offer to find you the best deals at a premium, or a couple here and there on property websites (Right Move) - only to find they're gone within a few days! If I wanted to miss out the middle man and have
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