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  1. The main motivation is not adding value but was just thinking about that asect. The location of the property that needs work is a location we live in now and are used to. The other area does not have amenities on the doorstop
  2. We have been waiting for the past three years for house prices to do exactly that but they haven't.... house prices here seem to be determined by the good state primaries
  3. We are looking to buy right now and are faced with a bit of a dilemma. Out of the houses we have viewed, I like 2. One house has been done already, has loft conversion, and conservatory. All we would need to do is paint it to our tastes. I can't see how we could add value though. Location is a bit further out than where we are living right now so local amenities a bit further, no shop very close but we both have cars. The second property is more expensive but in the perfect location for us and what we are used to right now. It does need work and the loft is perfect for conversion if we would
  4. This is minute http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30182345.html love the blow up bed in the second bedroom and the day bed in what I assume is the living room
  5. to your rental property? I'm just wondering what is considered the norm as we have only painted so far. Certain things could be modernised but not sure if I should do this myself eg replace certain carpets or just live with it. Have you done a lot in your home?
  6. three properties in he specific area of bs9 I have been watching have come back on the market having been sstc. Wondering if this is happening in other parts of bristol for those of you paying close attention and wondering if this has any significance. Also a lot more properties on the market than there has been for a while. Lots more choice in each price bracket
  7. I walked past the estate agents today and something interesting caught my eye. I saw a SSTC property hanging in the window that sold LAST SUMMER. I couldn't tell you if this property has completed but this is very telling as I have also seen this in another estate agents. lots of SSTC in the windows but not recent ones.
  8. This is the sort of area I am looking. I don't know how on earth they determine house prices but who on earth is supposed to be able to afford this? Beggars belief. I am not buying when house prices are like this house
  9. that is a lot isn't it for a mid terrace, Same mania around here too so Id love to know who the buyers are. It is so frustrating because if prices stay the way they are, I can't see myself ever buying despite having a good healthy deposit. It is just cheaper to rent at the moment though in my area, there isnt that much and we want to stay here for the schools.
  10. I can't say I know Coalpit Heath very well though looking on rightmove, there seem to be huge variations in price. I think that is a good price for a 3 bed detached but that is comparing to the area I live in. Obviously property backing onto fields is desirable. I'm hoping that someone here will know the area a bit better than I do. What are the local amenities like? Good schooling can have a big impact on prices as well as proximity to amenities. I would have thought 3 good sized bedrooms would merit a higher asking price than 2 double and a box room for example, though some people may not li
  11. that is sneaky!!! Thanks for the heads up! I saw a bit of a **** up in the BEP last friday about a property in my area. Open house 19th September. Oops! Also was at the initial price. You also get estate agents showing what they have SSTC leaving lots of disappointed buyers and very little else on the books. Hmm yeah right! Also get a lot of flyers through the door from various estate agents offering a free valuation. Also got a coupld of victorian terraces here, one 5 bedroom (2 loft rooms) £600k and one 4 bed with tiny garden £575k....grossly grossly overpriced IMO. There are a row of new bu
  12. thanks for your insight. Yeah at the moment we would pay the same on an interest only mortgage as we do rent so it's a bit of a no brainer as obvioulsy I don't want an interest only mortgage. I guess I will have to sit and wait!
  13. I don't know why there aren't many good houses on the market. There are actually a few houses that I would consider buying in the area I am looking at if they weren't soo expensive. A lot of them are WAY overpriced. I wouldn't mind doing work as long as it wasn't structural. Actually a couple that I have been watching have further reduced their asking prices so it isn't the same in all of Bristol. I'm really hoping they are going to fall that bit further. I can well imagine that the market is slow around christmas time; there is enough stress already!
  14. I'm sorry you are dealing with this I think this is the thing I am most scared about; seeing a property I like and then have EAs use scare tactics to squeeze out as much as they can. I hope I can err on the side of caution as much as possible and well wait to see whether these offers are real or phantom
  15. in the past few days, 2 properties in the area I have been looking have reduced their prices. One 3 bed semi from 315k is now offers in excess of 300k and another 4 bed semi (needs work) is down from 385k to 365k. I find that a pretty big drop in one go. I'm keeping a close eye on things.
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