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  1. Indeed. Is the op still around? Would be good to hear his take on how things have panned out and where they may be heading.
  2. Lichfield. Previous was £1000pcm for £375k
  3. I was thinking along the same lines. We pay 800 for a 300k house. Yields must be good in Manc...
  4. I see that, but is it not a much better trend indicator than nationfax et al? If you look at the graph on Forexcalendar it's a very smoot and predictable curve compared with others which are all over the place.
  5. http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php?month=7&year=2011#chart=35094 This seems a much more stable and accurate index. I know it lags Haliwide but they're all over place so it's difficult to make out a trend. With DCLG the trend is clear... Why doesn't it carry more weight?
  6. Which one? Better not be the one I've had my eye on !!
  7. @ a) !! Talk about the bleedin' obvous! Hadn't thought about b and c - I'm amazed that they can go on spunking £30k+ per year, year after year on multiple properties. Cheers for the insight.
  8. Ah, that explains it, thanks. The properties I've been looking at would've been over the threshold anyway. Still, why do these property companies leave £50kPA units empty for years?
  9. Found this from April 09 which says empty property relief was removed in 08. http://www.birminghampost.net/birmingham-business/birmingham-business-news/technology-and-innovation/2009/04/02/anger-grows-over-tax-on-empty-properties-65233-23292437/ The arguments for reinstatement are laughable!
  10. I didn't realise that. Is it the same for each area? I thought rates have always payable after a certain empty period... Edit "You pay no business rates for the first three months that the property is empty. This is extended to six months in the case of certain industrial properties. After this period, rates are payable in full (100%). However, listed buildings and small properties with rateable values of less than £18,000 pay no rates at all, even after the first three months. Empty property relief is available to the owner - in this case the owner is the person entitled to possession
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