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  1. I've heard that the City of London, the Vatican and Washington have the same 'independence' from their mother country.
  2. To be fair, 500,000 a year is sustainable - they've been sustaining it for years.
  3. I doubt there were the ******** jobs about then that there are now. Or WTC. BS - Apparently you can have shit but not ********
  4. I think some people need some better hobbies. If I never had to work again, I'd never be short of things to do.
  5. Nothing like that happening in NW London. Spring bounce is a damp squib. Insane asking prices for houses being followed by constant pathetic 10k drops. The very definition of catching a falling knife.
  6. I'm not advocating doing anything as extreme as this, but if all benefits were ditched tomorrow, you bet your ass they would do those jobs.
  7. Depends what you need the buffer for. When I buy it will be for cash, so I won't have any mortgage at all and so if a house takes everything I've saved I'll be able to save again like mad.
  8. That could easily be my sister's old school in Selly Park, B'ham. It took about five years for it to change to completely Islamic intake. Partly down to muslim families insisting on segregated sex schools and not wanting to mix with the decadent western girls, and on the other side white flight played its part too. Integration eh?
  9. You can't refute it. All you can do is link it to something completely unrelated. Bravo.
  10. Bingo. Any other factors are irrelevant at first - why would it be done? Who would do this? How could they possibly think they could get away with it? That doesn't alter the facts. Look at WTC7 on its own merits and work from there.
  11. Ah yes 'paranoid', 'Tin foil hatter' Any more? No one mentioned this nonsense. I deal in reality. Good Lord, LHO was set up. The official narrative to that old BS was so torn to pieces that even the MSM had to admit it was nonsense. C4 did a documentary on it showing that JFKs head was blown apart at close range. Their conclusion was just as laughable though - a bodyguard's gun went off accidentally!!!! (this was after LHO shot JFK through the neck of course). So they covered up the accident so as not to upset the public. You couldn't make it up - except they are of course. I'll do my best to find the C4 documentary.
  12. This isn't true though, is it? I'm not even going to give you a link, just type 9/11 whistleblower into Youtube and see how many results you get. In fact one of the first results you get is a NIST whistleblower. No doubt there'll be plenty of smear campaigns for him to wade through.
  13. Exactly. I don't concern myself with all the fringe stuff - holographic planes/remote controlled planes/nanothermite etc. That's for other people and is quite often deliberate misinformation to muddy the waters. What I do know is that the official narrative makes no sense. OT - once you accept that conspiracies of this size can happen, this Agenda 21 deserves a little more investigation.
  14. Wow, you are really showing your ignorance if you don;t think there was a stand-alone motive for the WTC7 collapse. Building 7 was a depositary for government documents concerning trillions of unaccounted military spending. Erased forever. There are so many holes that are ignored because the MSM is bought and paid for and alarmingly, a great many people swallow what they are given. What they couldn't account for was the power of the internet after 2001. If no one has ever seen this vid by that well known 'adolescent' James Corbett then give it a go. It's just a few minutes long and just may make you question your masters:
  15. This is pure crap. Anyone who believes WTC7 came down because of office fires is playing the useful idiot. Go to a proper website : http://www.ae911truth.org
  16. Ha,. correct - Freudian slip perhaps. I'm not disagreeing with you. Most modern politics is about selling one idea while working on a completely different outcome.
  17. If the combined narrative is deliberately obtuse then yes, it's a conspiracy in my eyes. The cabinet will have a briefing on a policy like HTB and they will be briefed on how to answer questions (or not) - that will be filtered down, no doubt. Not really. To my mind anyone can find evidence the official lone-wolf JFK assassination narrative is obviously false. The NIST report on WTC7 too. The conspiracy continues by elites closing ranks and never allowing serious debate in MSM.
  18. Because I use the information at hand and expertise mined from forums like these. Ask any politician involved in peddling HTB and the answer you'll get it 'to help those who can't find a deposit get on 'the ladder''. The real reason is never made public - it is a secret. Just because someone can decipher what the conspiracy is / might be, doesn;t make it less of a conspiracy.
  19. There's nothing open about them. It's never been admitted that there's an agenda to economise war - that most wars are purely run for profit and power. It's never been admitted that the war on terror is fabricated to to facilitate the MIC. Has the CIA ever admitted its role in drug running?. Libor was a conspiracy. HTB is a conspiracy in that only a few people know the original reason for its corrupt inception. A secret plan is anything that is kept from public knowledge, no matter how many share that secret.
  20. Scepticism over true Grenfell death toll This kind of tragedy highlights the kind of cramming and sub-letting abuse while a blind eye is turned. It won't free up any more houses but a decrease in HMO style cramming will reduce rent affordability IMO.
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