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  1. Is that not the point? That HB is part of the propping up?
  2. Firstly, well put. Secondly, sorry for repeating a previous thread.
  3. I know your frustration, but benefits as a genuine safety net is no bad thing. Otherwise it is back to the workhouse. But a safety net is just that, to protect people from poverty, not to give an unfair lifestyle choice.
  4. In taking a fervent stance against the HB cuts has the Labour party made the ultimate feau pas? Everyone I talk to at work is totally behind these measures, whether they own property or not. Labour seems to think that they have hit on a raw nerve and a common ideal that lower to middle earners are willing to prop up their brethren in this incredibly unfair scheme. I feel that Labour have shot themselves in the foot with this stance and the Tories know it, even if reporting has been slightly biased. BTW I am no Tory. I cycle a round trip of 15 miles each day. If I can do that, others can catch a train or two. What I want to know is what do others perceive about this policy from their colleagues? Is it the same as mine?
  5. Brum-by-the-canal. That will be £40,000 more please.
  6. I have rented the same 2 double-bedroom, spacious flat (with a balcony you could play 5-a-side on) in Hatch End (near Pinner) for 5 years. My rent started at £900 pcm and is now £850 pcm. Landlords would rather lose a bit and keep a regular, decent tenant than take a gamble and have a high turnover of tenants.
  7. Saving over £1000 per month waiting for magic Merv to print it out of all recognition.
  8. Scum Blair, with his blood-stained money and more scum Prescott (Trade union hero turned LORD!!!!!!!!!!!) How these people can smile in public makes me shiver. I was so happy when NEW labour gained power, and now i feel ashamed of my own working class roots. These people are so far removed from the debacle that modern youth face (and the not-so-young) that they convince themselves of their own importance. They have created such a class bubble between the state dependent (gimme what i am entitled to) and the bank of Mum and dad upper middle class, that the rest are anaesthetised into some kind of it-will-be-ok-sometime shell-shock. Does anyone else get reminded of the last pages from Animal Farm? Except, of course, that is unfair on pigs!
  9. I don't post much, but had to share this...but did anyone catch Mike Parry on Talk Sport this morning? (I know talk sport, hardly R4). He was talking about tackling debt and how people get into such predicaments in the first place. Anyway, caller phones up and starts going on about how he got into 50 grands worth of debt whilst at uni. All this while commuting from HOME!!!! He was on about how he bought cars and golf memberships and generally didn't live the life of a student - all on umpteen credit cards. Anyway, he's now thirty, has only just paid off his loans and is ready to get his life back together. But then he drops the big one - He's learned his lessons, will never get into debt again, has turned his life around and (wait for it) is about to buy his first house. FFS!!!!! are these the people we are churning out of uni now?
  10. I am both self-employed (private) and employed by the public sector. I earn a fair to pretty good wedge, even by southern England standards. and I own my own house. Guess I am a true socialist at heart and want equality and fairness. HPC I want. It would also mean I could move up easily and sell my house without screwing the next generation over.... simples.
  11. I work both in the public and private sector so I have no gripe unlike a few here.

  12. I have spent untold hours reading on this site, and i will not pretend i understand even half the jargon going on. I have waited years for this bizarre housing situation to unfold into something reasonable or even realistic. Truth be told, I have an option, and I am taking it. My Fiance and myself are going to Canada for a year and if all works out well with, well work, we will stay there. I am not too sure how typical our situation is amongst the rest of you folk but let me give you an idea - We are both well-educated professionals. myself in music (MMus) and she is a doctor. We have similar backgrounds, working class (therefore little inheritance), comprehensive education. we do not worship money, nor envy other lifestyles to any degree. But... We want to buy a house. Not just any house, but one that reflects our efforts in life. we live in Hatch End near Harrow and the prices here are still astronomical. We rent because we are (or were) waiting for prices to fall. We have at present about £115k gross coming in. Sounds a lot to some i am sure but after putting the effort in to doing a masters etc. and seeing what is out there in my area it is ludicrously short on value. Anyway, we now have over 120k saved up and have decided to try and find somewhere where it might mean something. We are both in our thirties so cannot wait for the economic santa to arrive and I am not going to kill myself paying for a place my father would have laughed at. So, thanks and I hope all works out well. This country is fooked.
  13. A mate of mine moved to NZ a month ago. Already has a job, bought a house outright 4 mins walk from the beach after selling his house in South Oxhey (dump). Seriously considering it myself.
  14. Good evening all, I am a first time poster after reading many interesting, informative and sometimes disturbing topics/posts on this site for over a year now. I am after some advice from the very knowledgeable crowd on here. I am 39 years old. Some time ago I decided not to jump into the market because the figures just did not hold up, even with my limited knowledge of the economy. My friends all said that house prices only go up. then the crash came..... and went. I know that QE has been introduced specifically to prop up house prices, but do I have a choice at my age to wait even longer? I could cry with frustration sometimes at the government (I will use that term lightly) and its handling of this crisis, but I am seriously losing my nerve. I have 100k in savings. Should I bight the bullet? Should I hang on? If so, for how long. I am not trying to invest. I just want a nice place to live that reflects the hard work that I put in. Your unbiased views are very welcome. Cheers.
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