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  1. Just put the rents up innit - winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  2. Lol, Don't know where to start with this. You yourself admit to WFH more and yet London will be an ever more expensive hub crammed with more and more speculators as workers just cannot escape it. How's that going in PCL? Many companies are already moving/considering moving due to stupid prices/rents - London will cut its own throat if it doesn't rebalance. http://workplaceinsight.net/brexit-rising-property-costs-lead-one-five-businesses-consider-move-away-london/ Doesn't even cater for the fact that London prices are falling. London is a benefits mess, on a par with run down Brum: Birmingham and London worst benefits hotspots . Are we going to get an ever increasing benefits bill to meet these increases? No chance. The London mega bubble is fooked. Somehow I don't think your friends on massive mortgages are very happy in N London at the moment.
  3. Ditto What is this strange tongue you speak with and what from what strange land do you hail?
  4. Which bit's tragic? The situation or the spin at the end? '...I'll rent till I die essentially.... but that's not necessarily a bad thing...' It is in this country as it stands. Our politicians of the last 30 years need to hang their heads in shame. Preferably just hang themselves.
  5. Saving is so last century. Can't stop people speculating with bricks.
  6. Not just Carney though, is it? What was the split this time around?
  7. The point is, most muppets would have gone with the 580 valuation - lo and behold, you sold it for > 10% below that potential asking price.
  8. The prodigal sons are returning. We will know it's on with the return of Damik, Eranta et al....
  9. They do to a point, no doubt. But most immigrants tend to be poorer, doing lower paid jobs. They rely on top-ups and most importantly HB. Something most other European countries don't have as much. In effect the magic money tree supplied by tax payers and borrowing. Take HB away, it doesn't matter how many immigrants there are - rents collapse. Even so, there's a limit to how far this stretches, unless LLs partition their HMO's to cram as many immigrants in a humanly possible (we see this in the SE). Then again there are (supposed to be) legal limitations to this.
  10. Spring thud. 'house price growth ease from 2.7% in March to 2.2% in April' A new one for the HPC 'fall' dictionary.
  11. What kind of fukwad couldn't have saved up 50k in that time on an IO mortgage (even if they stuffed it in a mattress) is beyond me. They don't need sympathy, they need a cat o' nine tails.
  12. I think he's better connected than he is bright. Always falls back on bumbling when backed into a corner and uses it as a way of backing out of answering straight to a question - '..what we should be asking is... incoherant waffle..' It worries me, because there's obviously a huge PR machine behind this oaf, that we may not have seen since Bliar, that's hell bent on going all the way. Granted, Abbott is still shit.
  13. I'm no fan of Abbott, but does she come across as more of a bumbling fukwit than someone like Bojo? The bloke's a walking disaster made from teflon. Total Meeja bias.
  14. It's fewer people not less. I've tried to help you but you're a teensy bit challenged. If a Labour government appealed to both renters and buyers why would they defect? Don't believe what's happening, look at the news today regarding renters rights - and that's just the Tories. S24 wasn't by accident either. End of Troll feeding.
  15. I think it's obvious to all but the terminally stupid that more attractive renting goes hand in hand with lower rents and more onus on scumlords responsibilituies and more secure tenancies. Making renting more attractive doesn't mean that letting is more attractive - quite the contrary. So renting can be more attractive to those who want/need to carry on renting and those that want to buy can grab some of those ex-scumlord houses. You can go back to sleep now.
  16. All the inconvenience of being rooted to one spot coupled with most of the disadvantages of renting. Winner, winner, dog's dinner.
  17. As someone who did a fair bit at uni I have mixed feelings over the long-ierm effects. At the end of the day you're messing around with the chemicals in your head. Much like alcohol, don't get tanked every day.
  18. I'm 100% right, Prices round me are falling YOY and I will never have a mortgage. the answer to being better off if I'd 'bought' in 2009 is too nuanced. I could not have bought for cash so would have to have rented money from the bank, I don't know what work would have had to have been carried out that I don't pay for at this moment. I would have had to have moved at least once in that time or had a horrendous commute (prefer getting on with living than commuting thank you very much). Money I've made from investing would never have materialised. All in all I'd say pretty even and now I expect this mother of all bubbles to pop, like every other bubble. If it doesn't I'll move elsewhere - not overpaying for shite.
  19. Why are you here then? Come to impart some wisdom or bricking it and need to vent your spleen? I could buy now, for cash. I choose not to. Sorry mate, not playing your game of fear.
  20. Hey TryingToTroll, Where I live prices are down from last year so yeah, it can happen, it is happening, it will get worse (better). Worried much?
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