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  1. You're bright and have skills. Get yourself into a position whereby you don't require a mortgage (or a small one at most). It's what i have done. I could buy in most areas in the country for cash right now. But I won't - it's a rigged market and I will pounce when it can't be sustained any longer.
  2. Anyone else noticing Sold STC going into mental territory on RM? In NW London some houses never budge. Sticky chains?
  3. Or maybe the young don't buy the 'we're the good guys' BS any longer?
  4. ...Before joining DECC Jeremy was Director of the Enterprise and Growth Unit at HM Treasury responsible for policies on growth, business and infrastructure and for advising on public spending for BIS, DfT, DECC and DEFRA. From 2009 to 2012 he was Director of the Economic and Domestic secretariat at the Cabinet Office. Prior to that he was the Deputy Director in HM Treasury responsible for corporate finance and public-private partnerships. He joined the Treasury in 1997 and has held a range of posts on financial regulation, tax and fiscal policy as well as working as an assistant private secretary to 2 Chief Secretaries. That time period says it all.
  5. Like this numpty on QT St Albans who couldn't buy anywhere locally. No worries, just piss off the locals in Leeds instead. https://youtu.be/x2Vtw7eS0kg?t=1465
  6. In 1998 I was in my first contract after uni in Monte-Carlo casino, working every night with topless dancers. Both shaken and stirred. Things are definitely worse now - lol.
  7. Seems to me you may have hit upon the 'Hegelian Dialectic' in all of this.
  8. I'm calling BS on this. 'Francesca from London' would have to be a hermit to not question current London fragility.
  9. All that time and still none of those ******* opened a box.
  10. Absolutley the opposite IMHO It shows the level of desperation. If it had been a handfull then you know they don't give a shit.
  11. That's kind of my point. Who cares what they ask for? Needs a total renovation but 115k seems like loose change to the SE which is why the ripple has to (and is) running its course.
  12. Why stop there? Why not hand the IO mortgage over to your kids, like say, renting from a bank... forever?
  13. Buy 10.... Then I'll buy them off you in two year's time for 50% less.
  14. But I bet he's got more than 260k in his pot.... Thread saved.
  15. Yeah, but you get a dwarf toilet thrown in for the extra 150k.
  16. I don't have a problem with analogue and it's preference is subjective to the user. The notion that vinyl is superior to CD is just nonsense to me. Of course an analogue recording in theory is smoother, just by its definition of being an 'analogue'. But to assume that purity gets somehow imprinted onto a piece of vinyl is absurd. But hey, what do I know? Last i'll say, sorry for derailing.
  17. The 'softer, more real' comes from vinyl's imperfections. I write music for a living. This article sums it up pretty well: https://www.vox.com/2014/4/19/5626058/vinyls-great-but-its-not-better-than-cds Listen to any 'complex' music like Shostakovich 5 and you'll be able to pick out the 2nd bassoon part on a good CD recording. No chance with vinyl. If there's anything I have qualitiy issues with, it's lots of MP3s - they are not that great.
  18. The councils don't want to know - they can't afford to house them properly. I used to live in Hatch End which is an affluent part of NW London. Lots of EUs used to live above the shops and restaurants... and I mean lots!!! One day the landlady, who ran the pharmacy downstairs, called the police out on her tenants for sub letting. We watched from down the street in amazement as she screamed at them as person after person came out - looked like an entire extended family of nine, including one old bloke on crutches, in a small, two bed flat. Utterly insane.
  19. I'd say it looks more like they are trying to exploit loopholes, illegally or immorally , based on the far worse crony examples given by their (largely) right wing Tory and Blairite masters.
  20. IMO, this is pretty much the basis about almost everything that is going on right now in international affairs.
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