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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I head off in winter to search for the sun. I find that at this time of the year I just look up to the sky.
  2. It's part of the ripple effect. It's not just those cashing in, it's also forced.
  3. Well, another acquaintance of mine is packing London in - going oop north on a different rotation (jnr doctor). Can't afford London. Well done successive governments/bankers, well done indeed.
  4. By that logic, should rapists and murderers be blameless too? Moped gangs are being 'allowed' to go as far as they can. Still scum though, and like bankers, not everyone has the makeup to poo all over their fellow human beings.
  5. What an idiot - that's practically a current outer London price with great train links to the city. Moron. 5 bed Harrow And that's still insane.
  6. Goes without saying so I didn't bother. If people don't see it then they choose not to. All part of the Euro Mediterranean pact.
  7. My advice is don't get suckered into believing price falls are mostly due to brexit. If anything brexit has been used as an excuse to mask the real reasons for a big fall and an excuse to keep rates lower for a little while longer.
  8. I see the goose has been forced to consume as much as possible. Time for the kill.
  9. No one in Europe took up the post Roman challenge until the renaissance* King Alfred pushed the vikings out of Wessex. We're as much Norman and Viking now as we are Angel. An exhausted and depleted army marching hundreds of miles from a victory at Stamford Bridge narrowly lost to the Normans - so what, shit happens. You're forgetting the little matter of a civil war where we decided to kill 10% of our kinsmen to overthrow a despotic monarchy. I agree that there's a hard-core servile mentality in the UK (most apparent when it comes to monarchy), but i think there's also an element of being pushed so far and then 'snap'. *with the possible exception of Charlemagne.
  10. Fair enough. Still can't see it though. If anything London will grow shanty town style suburbs at this rate. blind eyes already being turned to beds in sheds.
  11. I think people thinking there will be a UK population decline are dreaming. Africa has only just started its unstoppable overspill and however bad things get here it'll be nothing like that fook up. The pope will finally tell the Catholic world that contraception is a good thing. It will be too late. The UK economy will be selling piles of bricks to each other. Only they will be literal piles of bricks. Think children of men meets idiocracy.
  12. There is nothing traditionally left wing about FOM or mass immigration. The total opposite in fact.
  13. Retro whitewashed exposed brickwork bogs. There's a reason they were ripped out to begin with.
  14. Probably another example of not knowing the difference between % up and % down as well. I like the advice of 'not panicking' as prices move away from obscene to merely unattainable.
  15. Rumour has it that you're never more than 6 foot from the nearest deep fat fryer in Glasgee.
  16. So there's a third option. Invade Saudi Arabia and establish the petro pound.
  17. They are ******ed. In fact they couldn't be more ******ed. What's their game?
  18. I'm surrounded by blood that appears to be emanating from an organ located somewhere in my chest.
  19. Too true, and that works for just about any purchase. My old man encouraged me to save up pocket money for decent stuff. I remember buying a Duncan Fearnley cricket bat for £35. I looked after it and still have it. Most credit is just pure evil.
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