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  1. No. It's much, much worse. It took over 15 years for properly funded research into the laughable NIST report on WTC7. This was funded by Architects and Engineers for truth https://www.ae911truth.org/ (but what would they know). BBC reporters are useless shills. Sorry couldn't resist. (and not interested in Moon landing) UAF research report: http://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7
  2. ...and yet signing my family into a debt that couldn't be paid off in under 5 years is the stuff of nightmares for me. where did I go so wrong?
  3. I don't know - just looking at Brent you have yoy -4.5% and sales volumes down 35%. I smell blood and so do plenty of others. This thing has spread out from central London.
  4. Then all is not lost. This area has suffered as much as any at the hands of the London ripple. The tide is going out.
  5. Everything I see selling is going for over 10% off asking. The disconnect in sellers brains is still there - that will disappear with reality. Also East of England down 1.1 MoM - that's an interesting ripple effect.
  6. I don't want to crash (do you mean trash) anything. The trashing has already happened. There needs to be a reset and the idiots in charge have let it go too far to be painless.
  7. Huge difference between preferring and having little choice
  8. Every avenue being closed with no apparent reasonably priced options available. How much longer the young will put up with this I have no idea. London has been trashed for a lot less.
  9. They must all be shopping in ruislip lidl in then..... seriously, taking the @TheCountOfNowhere point further. If we believe that many east Europeans were only here to earn a relatively high income for a few years of roughing it, maybe they are cashing in and the natural end is nigh coupled with a falling exchange rate.
  10. Looking forward to this - hopefully it did all the 'better performing' areas first.
  11. I think 'they' care more about apathy because of where it can lead. 'They' only really care about violence/threat of violence. Things only truly change with violence. Voting does sweet FA.
  12. I will never vote again unless a party truly came out with staggeringly progressive policies. The back-tracking Brexit debacle has taught me that valuable lesson once and for all. There needs to be a mass abstention to cripple the facade we currently have.
  13. ''...We paid £1.15MM for the property and were actually quite pleased with the price we paid...' Therein lies the problem. People are pleased to pay millions for a bog standard house - it empowers them and gives them a stiffy.
  14. and yet they never tackle the subject of population control.... call me a cynic...
  15. Can't wait for my taxes to buy a new fleet of EVs every three years for anyone with slight depression or too fat to walk.
  16. There's a joke in there somewhere but I must resist. The thought police will be along.
  17. it's a wigism - a specific brand of sarcasm.
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