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  1. Many Chinese like to leave the places empty - superstitious thing or something Sydney Herald
  2. 1. Political will (lol) 2. Everything else 3. Sentiment based on everything else.
  3. I can only hope that that paragraph is wholly tongue in cheek because I'd rather stick forks in my eyes. I was hoping to bring a son up in a country without voodoo and grown adults believing in ghosts, but successive governments seem intent on importing millions of drones who believe in this shite. It certainly is my prerogative. It never ceases to amaze me with religion (Islam in particular) that the peoples practicing it are escaping the hellholes that were created in great part b the idiology itself. What do they think is going to happen when the host country ceases to be secular? A profitable Islamic utopia like the one they left? I'll let others decide.
  4. My opinionabout Boris being a moron isn't related to this outburst - I should have been clearer on that.
  5. Boris is a moron, but in regard to this sentence I think the real question is how many letterbox ladies are victims of serious crimes. I say this as someone whose wife is an ex-muslim. It's not been a walk in the park for anyone. The end result is that her parents have nothing to do with her or our son. She has a cousin in the same situation and this is from a not-too-conservative branch of the Islamic community (Indian rather than Pakistani - if they were Pakistani I'd probably be in a box by now). The wife even went to an Imam for advice. All she got was that I must convert or face the consequences. It never registered with anyone that you can't convert from atheism. I'm not beating around the bush here - all religions are ******** but Islam is an uncompromising mess of an ideology that has no desire to compromise and turning the SJW cheek is only going to fuel the extreme right.
  6. A phobia is an irrational fear. Nothing irrational about fearing the effects of mind-poison. I consider them like the Borg Collective in Star Trek - joyless, unthinking, dull, uninventive drones just living to breed and make 'assimilate' but not to assimilate.
  7. Already have. He's good, but then he'd have to be. Canada's even more fcked up than this pl;ace.
  8. Looks like we're at peak PC in the world right now. People are feeling the need/desire to fight back against the Cultural Marxism infesting society. #walkaway is indicative of this. More people are less scared to air their grievances on the encroaching threat of islam, and no amount of Klantifa intimidation will stop that. For the record, Boris is an opportunistic dick, but that is the key - he's riding the wave of national feeling as ever... the worm and has turned. May is looking more and more like a paid up member of the EU and Saudi boot licking club and has reached peak irrelevance.
  9. My LL popped round for an inspection a few weeks ago. Told me that for 'peace of mind' he would not be raising rent if I wanted to extend. Told him I'd think about it nearer the time lol.
  10. Is this still being kept up to date? Great little tool but I'm expecting a couple of 'sold' houses from months ago to show and they don't..... unless they were never 'sold'.
  11. I don't. I use facts. Houses in my area that would have gone for 600k 18 months ago don't sell for reduced 550k . Come off the market and get relisted. It'seems affecting every level just not everywhere yet.
  12. And yet we still borrow ourselves into oblivion and productivity is shite - yay, mass-migration stats says yay!!!
  13. 'cos their pips are already squeaking and it's just a case of crossing fingers and hoping for the best.
  14. Loving the propaganda from pravda - '5 Things we Learned', not 'predicting'. London prices have never been so far out of kilter. The ripple has been enormous and it's going to suck in even harder - once sanity is restored in London there's no silly money to export and also the once priced out can stay instead of putting additional pressure elsewhere. Nice try beeb.
  15. Depends what some on here define as a 'slow decline'. We're already seeing the central London falls ripple out to outer london. Places like Watford and Brent (shithole I know) down ~5% YoY. Ealing following hard. one more raise and I fully expect these to be double digit next year - fast enough?
  16. Even Merv got something right on his way out: 'The outgoing governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King has warned that a government scheme to help the housing market should not become permanent.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22581191
  17. Bon voyage CoN Do we call you the 'Compte de quelque part' form now on? maybe you will buy a holiday flat over here in a few years.
  18. Not rocket science is it - if you need HTB to buy a new house, the house is no longer new so its depreciation is immediate. It's a kind of natural selection filter.
  19. Which is why I will never vote again. I don't need any proof of anything, nor do i need any 'proof' from any government. What I do want is for everyone to wake the f up and get angry. That may give a modicum of hope.
  20. You do yourself a disservice by lumping a false flag operation with moon landing and obvious nonsensical Flat Earth theories. No one mentioned these. But go ahead and bury your head in the sand. I understand that cognitive dissonance comes into effect that 'we' in the west could never do such things to our own people, like say the Bay of Tonkin and JFK assassination. Anyone who still believes the original narrative about those conspiracy facts is the loon. Over three thousand architects/engineers telling you (and funding research to prove the fact) that the NIST report was BS isn't worth your attention? Nah, just loons - highly-educated-in-their-field loons.
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