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  1. I can't believe the nonsense on this thread. It's like an 'incredible journey' into will self's brain. Someone posted a throwaway comment about Asians maybe being into btl more than other races which may or may not have some merit and suddenly they're racist, Maybe it was factually incorrect - I'd like to see some better research, but there was nothing racist in that post and all the sjw virtue signallling ******** won't change that. You are making this world intolerable for the rest of us so just ****** off.
  2. The beating was a looong time ago in the late 90's when i was a teenager. The physical scars healed quickly but it taught me a real lesson. You see, it happened in the Bull ring in Brum by a gang then known as the 'Trojan Warriors' and fortunately security got hold of me and threw me in their headquarters ('Back of Rackhams' they called it). They asked me if I wanted to press charges and my immediate reaction was 'hell yeah'. Then they looked at each other and back at me and advised me not to bother as one of the gang had already claimed that I'd shouted the 'N' word at them and I, the victim, wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Now, I have many flaws in my character but suicidal tendencies is not one of them. shouting that in the middle of the bull ring in the 90's would result in serious damage at best. It left a bad taste in my mouth for years and taught me that the race card could be seriously abused and should only be used in clear cases, otherwise you just cloud the issue and no good comes from it. I admit that it is a grey area but I jusr turn the tables and think on whether it would offend me if the shoe was on the other foot - 'Why are so many white people today lazy and on benefits?' or why are do so many white people have drinking problems? I'm not saying i necessarily believe that but there may be a case for arguing it. And what are we allowed to question? Why are so many stabbings disproportionately black on black? Why are so many of the Jewish community into finance? Why is there a grooming gang problem amongst a certain community? You're right that a line has to be drawn but if I'm honest I see incredibly little racism in this country (maybe it's where I live) and it seems to have reached the point where some people can't accept that racism has rapidly declined and somehow they still need the aggravation. Maybe even blaming all their woes on the 'oppressive regime' they live under. Just IMO of course.
  3. He really didn't deserve that reaction. And I say this as someone married to a Bengali girl with a mixed race child. Some people who constantly ram the race card down other's throats need a good dose of what racism actually is. I've been beaten up badly by a gang for being white - that's racism. Discrimination at work through colour is racism. Making an inoffensive observation, even if you think it unfounded, is not racism.
  4. 'Europe under the Hammer' They could bring Uncle Joe back from the grave with a title like that.
  5. The shock waves from london are only just penetrating the Home Counties. It'll take a month or two to reach up there.
  6. They have a repayment vehicle. It's called the house. See ya.
  7. I tend to spread those out over the day, not just the end.... less messy.
  8. Grow some. Most LL have been scared of me. "I'm thinking of putting the rent up." "Really, i'm thinking of leaving." Rent remained the same.
  9. 'In minutes of its latest rates decision, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) said there was a "slightly stronger picture" for the economy since its forecasts last month thanks to signs of a firmer housing market, stronger employment and a rebound in retail and new car sales.' Eh...? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-11/brits-have-suddenly-stopped-buying-cars
  10. So people farmers from London farming The Welsh increased. That will go down well.
  11. So that would be not at all then. my experience too. Something's not adding up.
  12. This is OT so will be the last I post on the topic. I've seen the same report or similar that you refer to. 11 billion sounds horrific to me and I cannot see why anyone would advocate it. I do take your point on cultural breeding being caused by infant mortality and agree to a certain degree but I also know there are certain cultures/religions where outbreeding the 'opposition' is encouraged. Nearly always without any thought of the consequences. The Catholic church needs a good slap too for its stance on contraception - in Africa especially. Europe just cannot keep being used as an overflow for these breeding grounds. You have countries, especially China, that have vested interests in Africa being their bread basket (but they are by no means alone) . Even if Africa got its act together and its leaders decided to run the place for the benefit of its own citizens the ensuing food wars would make the current military industrial oil wars look like a picnic. Each sovereign nation needs to make its own stance imo. 11 billion makes me shudder just thinking about it.
  13. The sjw types don't get it.they just smugly out virtue signal you. They can keep their brave new world as they fight it out over clean water.
  14. I'm trying to make sense of that last paragraph. If it helps I made the decision not to have more than two kids many years ago. You can bury your head to t he African population explosion in particular. Ultimately the death toll will be massive.
  15. No, you're stupid (see what I did there). You're actually using a strawman with me because I actually live a green a life as I can. Cycling almost everywhere in all weather being just one example. That won't affect the biggest issue for me of too many humans. We could reduce the population quite significantly in one generation if the political will was there by having a two child only policy (many would only have one or none through choice) So no, I'm not going to let our masters off the hook. Ask yourself this - how well did we manage to feed ourselves with a forty million ish population in ww2? That may give you some idea of the problems we may face pretty Damon soon.
  16. No. There are too many of us. Population growth needs to be discouraged. Anything else is just pissing in the wind.
  17. So prices could drop in other countries but they'd remain insane here? How does that work? Anyone with half a brain would be off in a shot taking their savings with them. It would also be political suicide. We've already seen signs of that.
  18. Well most people in the UK would like to see some control over population growth which would set an example and certainly help green issues, but the elite don't seem to agree with this for their own interests.
  19. If it got to that point people will be more concerned with bread being a tenner per loaf. The horse has bolted. Sentiment has reversed. There's just a load of deckchairs being kicked about on deck. The last suckers are being fleeced and then boom. Like all bubbles they all go the same way.
  20. The first party to offer affordable housing would win a landslide. It's already apparent. Even to those Tory twats.
  21. You know the world has turned upside down when the MSM is reporting trouble ahead and HPC posters are being conservative..
  22. Has George Soros got his thought police out in force again?
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