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  1. Ok, say I buy that. Where does that leave the private sector and the taxes needed to pay for the public sector - or is it all printed to oblivion, or the minimum wage forced up and up?
  2. How do they inflate wages to meet insane house prices in a global economy? Unprecedented protectionism?
  3. Your life is worth a mobile phone i once had a girlfriend from Jo'berg. She said you need to really worry when stories like this become the norm so that they are not even worth reporting any more. I wonder how far away we are.
  4. 'That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence' - Christopher Hitchens. This is exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about. If society actually collectively woke up and realised all the afterlife stories are just fables then they may just be more willing to change things in the here and now. I believe in the invisible 'magic sandwich'. Disprove it. It's all just wishful thinking.
  5. there's something in this but not the way you mean. Religion is the greatest control mechanism the elites have got. Convince a load of people to behave themselves as they will get their reward in a mythical afterlife - job done. We were well on our way to ridding ourselves of stone-age myths and then they decided to import a load more. It really gets my goat. You see it all over YouTube comments for vids on pedophilia cover-ups, false flags, 9-11, greedy bankers etc. 'They'll get their comeuppance in the next realm, blah, blah...'. No they won't.
  6. Personally I think they're just trying to tell us how tasty pizza and hotdogs are with walnut source....ahem.
  7. I just happen to know BR lives in Barnt Green (other side of Brum to Sutton Coldfield and very nice too)
  8. It's Sutton Coldfield - I'm guessing it's a footballer's pad (tends to be where the Villa players live). Explains the lack of taste.
  9. I think this has been the case and will be for the forseeable - it's just the length of time they spend there now before moving on is becoming shorter and shorter. It's just not affordable for most to stay too long.
  10. Yay.... we can all keep the current utopia then. You can probably rely on one thing - if the establishment don't want something, it's probably beneficial to the many. I'm not convinced by everything Corbyn does but how anyone can want this current mob of self-serving scumbags to carry on is beyond me.
  11. Assuming (as I do) that all elected parties of the neo-liberal era have only two functions 1) to serve their paymasters and 2) to get reelected, and the holy grail is to somehow do both so they can carry on serving paymasters indefinitely, I think the tories got a massive surprise in the GE at just how quickly the demographic can turn. They can't win now so have basically chosen to do nothing except gove the status quo a slight nudge. It will be interesting to see just how 'independent' the BOE remains.
  12. And the knock on effects of this insane bubble keep on coming. There's nothing the authorities can/will do about these vans - it's an inconvenient truth about a situation they are best off ignoring. Much like beds in sheds in much of London. You could raid entire streets in Wembley tomorrow and find houses rammed with illegal numbers of people, but how the hell do you re-house them? Our glorious overlords are scum at best.
  13. I suggest they both avoid diabetes too.
  14. '...David Hollingworth advised anyone thinking of taking out a mortgage "not to hang around", as rates are likely to rise further....' Twunt
  15. JC had a groundswell of support all along. What does TM have?
  16. Nah, Wait for the crash, buy in cash - deposit, shmeposit.
  17. Prices were not low then. Shows how nuts this situation has become when some folk actually believe this.
  18. '...The current system is lining the homebuilder’s pockets, enriching existing homeowners by boosting their property values and doing nothing for the housing security of poorer households. Extending it makes no sense and I can’t understand why the Tories can’t see that.' I think the author answered his own question there.
  19. What would you do if you knew foreign buyers were already drying up? Maybe hatch a policy to pretend it was you all along helping hard working families?
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