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  1. Indeed. What they mean is when HP go up people are more likely to spend money they don't have on shit they don't need. HP go down and people re more likely to limit their spend to money they actually have. How is the latter any good in a debt based system? Fooked.
  2. Like every county then Just teasing. I know Yorkshire folk think it's God's chosen county. OT Harrow is sticking - many 3 beds coming on a sticking, many with small reductions - still sticking.
  3. They've made milky ways so tiny that they've had to put them in twin packs - what's the point?
  4. True, it's like deficit and debt. A slightly reduced level of immigration from EU to a bananas, rather than catastrophic level is nothing to write home about. And that's with a battered pound!
  5. I'd join that. As long as I could $DollarHook Squawks of course.
  6. I haven't been gifted it (well 40k was to be fair) so I had to be frugal to save it. Just fed up now and if it weren't for this diabolical situation our glorious leaders have put us in much of that money would have been spent in the wider economy. Feck them all.
  7. ? Not decided yet - I have half a mil in my back pocket. one thing is for sure, I ain't buying a shitty semi in NW London, next to a family of 7 on HB.
  8. NW london too. Harrow's becoming Burkatown. Completely alien culture, depressing. Cannot wait to leave, won't be long.
  9. Great post. You should send it to Tory HQ
  10. This budget was make or break. They sided with their donors. It doesn't matter how many young they conned with this stamp duty 'giveaway' the true effects will come out in the wash and those houses will never get built (again), and pressure on land bankers will be deemed unnecessary. They're toast - I just can't work out if they know this or not.
  11. it' looking more serious than just wealth preservation now. Still, the elites have their underground city in Denver to look forward to.
  12. What a song and dance they made about delivering a budget for wannabe homeowners. They would have been better off mentioning nothing at all after that damp squib. Like being promised a knock on Mel B only for Mel C to turn up on your doorstep.
  13. Oh shit. They really are insane aren't they.
  14. So reading between the lines, railcard concessions married in with stamp duty relief under what a flat costs in London = an attempt to extend the commuter belt on shitboxes outside the M25++.
  15. Or expect more houses cut up into 299k slave boxes.
  16. C'mon... wait for the negotiations to 'bear fruit'
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