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  1. You're missing my point. It's as sovereign nations that the decision can be made either as part of a whole or as individual nations. Some countries are not developed/mature enough to enforce a cap, maybe through religious or cultural reasons. But examples should be set by those that can and they need doing soon. If my neighbour wants thirteen kids he must know that I'm not going to house four of them, even if they do contribute to the rent - it doesn't make up for being overcrowded. What's a globalist agenda going to do? Put a cap of 9, 10, 11 billion on the planet? Good luck with that. There's a reason that some things have to be managed on a more micro level. I saw in a previous post that you mentioned 'can kicking'. Surely what you advocate with this mother of all ponzi schemes is shoving a rocket booster up said can. I'll take a fiscal catastrophe over one that involves fighting continents for their food. We need to get closer to self-sufficiency. Not further away. As for looking after our elderly - we need to take on some of that responsibility ourselves, you know, like what used to happen. Unfortunately we live in an era of manufactured ******** jobs that prevents us from doing this. But hey, at least we create tax revenue. Maybe we can bring in another few million to paint the walls of boomer houses or run around amazon warehouses to supply us with cheap crap that noone needs with money they ain't got. BTW - I've done my bit by having two kids. Mixed race ones too. I'd like a non-dystopian future for them.
  2. I refer you to my previous statement. Give people space and time to breed and they will. Price people out and they can't. We haven't just become a nation that hates having kids. I think the total opposite is true. Sovereign nations setting their caps is the only way. It would be much more plastic too. Much easier than a global free-for-all.
  3. Except it's the exact same globalists creating the wars and deliberately creating a 'migrant crisis' in the first place: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-08/how-george-soros-singlehandedly-created-european-refugee-crisis-and-why Our politicos understand war alright. And we return to the forum's main reason for being: Give people space and time to breed and they will. But we aren't so we don't. Even if we did we should be looking at maintaining a population, not increasing it ad infinitum. I for one want a population cap to be agreed before we all go Soylent Green.
  4. Vintage musical instruments. You have to know your field - mine's brass instruments. Find slightly dinged old pro trumpets/trombones for a song on eBay and find a reliable instrument repairer. Reckon I have around 40k worth from an outlay of 8k. Not that my collection will ever get sold. Therein lies the problem - my precious!
  5. Probably involves lobbying. Motability is one of the biggest scams going but rarely gets the attention it deserves. Chap at work drives a five series (pays extra on top for the privilege, but not a lot). He's suffers from a rare condition and to be fair to him, he still works, but his condition does not affect his ability to afford a car of his own and he doesn't need any modifications to drive. I asked him once how my car was doing. He didn't get it. OT I think I'm near the end.
  6. "Things are terrible, but we'll just make up a positive number anyway." Bargain? Not yet mate.
  7. While you are right and I sympathise for your particular sad story. The contempt comes from cases where people know those that are taking the piss. My much older brother in law has been on disability for twenty years - rheumatoid arthritis based and has taken great pleasure in letting me know that he pushes it for all it's worth. He and my sister live in a four bedroom house (you heard me - four!). All the kids (three) are grown up and left. They were told to downsize but they simply refused to leave and instead paid the token increase themselves. How? Well, apart from getting all the allowances including new car every three years (Jeez i hate that) they work for cash in hand cleaning cottages about 20 hours a week. His mother died in the summer and left a small inheritance for him which coincided with his 'retirement' - went out a bought a motorbike and rides it around town shamelessly showing off his miraculous recovery. What checks do the authorities do on these people so that the genuinely needy get what they need? It's almost as if it's deliberate in order to build up the contempt. Before anyone asks, I had thought about complaining but they're family and I just couldn't bring myself to do that.
  8. Too effing right. Unfortunately it's a global problem and I'm waiting for the first domino to fall (Oz?). The fact that it is global shows that it's a contrived bankster issue. Agenda 21??? Who knows?
  9. So a slow, protracted decline in prices, meanwhile we'll coax as many muppets into insane prices while we can. how does that work?
  10. Do you believe for one second that the choice wasn't rigged in favour of 'project fear'? Do you think the EU had no say in the binary choice we got? The advice would have been 'Give them a stark in or out, nothing else and then use fear-mongering'. There was nothing positive and no deal to be made. If more options were given in the first place then reform of some kind would have gained a landslide instead of a result for out altogether, but that would never do would it.
  11. I went on a school reunion about three years ago for my old comp in Brum. I'd say almost half the guys there had been adversely affected by FOM - plumbers, decorators, builders etc. They talked openly and honestly about the aggressive undercutting that they couldn't compete with. The worst one was a lorry driver who simply got out and sold his rig. He since sold his house too and disappeared - not one person knows where. I suspect they wouldn't give a damn about the London market or a shit about employer confidence.
  12. Don't worry I won't. I've seen the EUs version of level playing fields and it doesn't work. Of course Merkel has opened Europe up via the back door and told 'lesser' members to take on their fair share of Soros's guests, I mean refugees.
  13. Not made my mind up about Trump. Big 6 months coming up. Hillary though - war mongering, mindbogglingly greedy, corrupt and probably into assassinations and human trafficking. Bullet dodged.
  14. Is it ******. It's going to let more and more countries in at a faster rate, until it suddenly changes its initials to WU and you've go open borders with bangladesh and wondering why your wages still haven't gone anywhere and the middle class has disappeared. A rancid dictatorship that should just have been a trading partnership, good riddance.
  15. Delusion collapsing in South, yet to reach North. The ripples have only just spread across London itself to outer London. The shock wave is coming.
  16. Forget unemployment, underemployment is rampant. Smoke and mirrors.
  17. Now that reflects more what I'm seeing in NW London.
  18. What next? Tents and Cardboard cities? Keiser Report
  19. I just about remember as a kid in the 80's the news used to have an appendix on job losses and jobs created. Growing up in Brum this had added significance. They'd start off with all the job losses, nearly always engineering 'Longbridge laying off 2000 more workers...' etc. Then they'd move on to job creation... 'Tesco open up two more stores with 200 jobs created...' The reason I remember is 'cos my dad would pump his fist in the air sarcastically 'Quality jobs, making stuff'. he'd shout. Now it seems even these crappy jobs are going down the pan.
  20. Don't be a twit. I'll bet I've saved a hell of a lot more money than you. Some of us have more scruples than to go into people farming though.
  21. Misleading. Up 2.6% to 13% of total sales means f all of an increase if the **** has fallen out of the total.
  22. B But yet dim enough to encourage them here in order to throw them a bone? ...then kill some of them.
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