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  1. Can't be all bad. The world has got to get used to post-industrial/ post-capitalism. More of the same shit isn't going to help.
  2. They are boiling frogs. So far there's little reaction. A whole generation neutered by Facebook.
  3. IO - You only get to hold your dib dab and curly wurly for 25 years through paying thrupence a week. After that you try and sell it to some mug for £500 but fail and thus starve to death.
  4. It was +1.8% in the actual corresponding month of December 2016. so going by that January will be -3.7%
  5. More life = more debt. I honestly think this is the only way they think.
  6. I have an older sister and her daughter who are, I am ashamed to say, both deliberate single parents, even staggering their children's ages (different fathers) for maximum benefit effect. Make, no mistake, it's a lifestyle choice for them. That's just one family. Mind you when the alternative is to work to stand still, who's the mug?
  7. Seriously, Blair? The scumbag who killed millions of 'brown' people over a lie for the MIC? He's chastising Farage? He can go ****** himself.
  8. I'm just waiting for the London Eye to move to Tokyo. Viz - worst thing in the world
  9. 3) Vested interests that will earn them votes There comes a point where 2 and 3 become mutually exclusive.
  10. I had no idea training up brickies etc. was akin to training doctors. 1,400 prefabs per year. We're all saved!
  11. There's some truth in this. However, if the only alternative to an 18th century ideology (which is basically an extension of feudalism) is a 19th century solution, it will seem pretty modern.
  12. Most of those comments are pretty damned extreme. Successive governments are stirring up a right hornets nest. You'd almost believe it to be deliberate.
  13. They are debt slaves. Either directly or indirectly. They either borrow to be housed they are housed privately by others who borrow to house them as you service the debt through taxes... win win!
  14. I can't. I'm renting, therefore it's not possible for me to get on with life unless I take on unimaginable levels of debt. Or so I've been told. Well if Agenda 21 is to become as Orwellian as some predict, 'they' will be taking that away from you.
  15. I applaud this brilliant covert operation by the mods. Should do it every 6 months.
  16. Oh yeah. Preferred it without the feature. I've been 'muddleheaded'. Treat it like badge of honour.
  17. No conflict of interests here. Worried about your EU handouts Hezza? ****** off Tarzan.
  18. '.....Agents would like to see more affordable housing (54 per cent), 100% LTV mortgages (31 per cent) and discounted surveyor’s costs (13 per cent) to help FTBs entering the market....' At least only 31% of agents are loons.
  19. I think you're confusing food imported from the EU with the rest of the world. According to DEFRA we are only 54% self sufficient: Chart * I'll concede that isn't 'importing over half our food' but still a scary statistic to me. Of course, if I were arguing from the other side I'd probably point out how important food imports are from the EU, but for me that's just papering over the cracks. This deficit has to be addressed as I believe a fertile country like ours should be easily self sufficient if push came to shove. I'm not for one minute suggesting that a dent couldn't be made in this by maximising farming techniques, less waste and (heaven forbid) better diets, but that's a huge deficit to make up. We couldn't cope in WW2 with a population under 50M. * I have no idea if this chart tells the full story by way of UK food exports.
  20. There is a lot of truth in this and for whatever reason TPTB never did anything to address this simple issue. Which only confirms to me that Brexit will never happen in any meaningful way anyway, so I don;t even know why I bothered voting
  21. Which current thinking is that? 'The current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100, according to a new UN DESA report, “World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision”, launched today.' link I'll agree with you that as nations become richer the birth rate declines - for obvious reasons. But recently there have been additional effects, certainly in the UK. Our work/life balance has been eroded. Very few can afford a decent place to live. Yes, it's my opinion (sorry I'm not in the habit of putting IMO at the end of every post). But are you telling me people aren't putting off having children because of costs, housing etc? If we are running currently at 1.7 - 1.8 children then would it take an awful lot for people to be encouraged to get to 2 if quality of life was markedly better. It won;t be if we keep importing stupid numbers each year. And if we do need a top up, how about limiting immigration to an amount that brings the average up to 2? You know, so we put a lid on the ponzi scheme. I'll believe the modern agriculture bit when we're not importing over half our food.
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