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  1. The Rotes Schilds and the Sauds. Khazarian brothers-in-arms.
  2. Indeed. I used to say 'supply and demand' of credit, but credit is pretty much rammed down any person's throat with a pulse. As an idea - how about being able to pass on the value of your home at the point of sale. At least that would be fairer than some boomer picking up a house for 10k and leaving 500k. And those paying a fortune at the top of the bubble - well at least the fools paid with already taxed money.* Obviously a LVT would be much better, but that's just voodoo/witchcraft I tell yer!
  3. I would have thought more people would have to live per house in London now just to pay the rent. Per room even. I doubt we even know anywhere near the true population.
  4. If you're passing on the inheritance of a house that's gone up in value then you're effectively giving them the already taxed income of the person(s) buying the house. Therefore I agree with @HowMuch! , much fairer to tax income less and unearned wealth more. So sorry, you're going to have to save a bullet for this subhuman.
  5. Is this true? The landlord made £250 million selling his property empire to investors in 2015.
  6. Nah mate. The only game in town is an endless influx of debt slaves (aka GDP) wandering the planet in neoliberal bliss producing 'growth' for the 1%. Enjoy.
  7. I worked at one of these 'Charity Events' many moons ago at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane. That **** who should have been in jail - Jeffrey Archer was the auctioneer. Many a 'pizzagate' looking moment going on there I can tell you.
  8. Maybe the BOE will ask the DOE to stop bullshitting about the unemployment figures. Jeremy Lyon back in September
  9. “The problem has been massively under-reported, because the Land Registry does not record prices at exchange, only at completion.” Yum!
  10. ...and you can't put two and two together for this? Wage suppression perhaps? My nephew has just completed a secondary school PGCE. He has the sort of personality that never gets phased. Was posted at a school in Essex (I think). Said 80% of pupils were classed as having a poor grasp of English as a first language. 'Utter chaos' was his choice of words.
  11. You've obviously missed the point and have got your religious knockers in a twist. look up burden of proof. I've not made any claims. I've dismissed those that do with no evidence. That really is my last post on the matter. Start up an afterlife thread in OT if you really feel that strongly - I'll be happy to debate you there.
  12. Whatever. You can believe any crap you like - that's the point. Jesus! (see what I did there). The end.
  13. Not going to get into a long argument on religion on this thread... burden of proof on those that make outlandish claims, that which is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence etc.... It was just a comparison that belief without foundation means f-all in the long run.
  14. Yeah, and most people think they'll die and fly to a magic cloud. Won't happen though.
  15. Because you're competing with thousands of other 'TonyJs' cashing in. The flow is coming to an end and not too soon for the poor locals of Norfolk.
  16. I'm tempted to say Fungus has bitten off more than he can chew, but looking at that gut I'm not so sure.
  17. Just an educated guess, but the name is sort of a giveaway that her money may be a little bit older than most on here, and therefore she can afford to take a massive hit. Oh look, Daddy could afford to send her to Wycombe Abbey.
  18. Harrow is on the edge. Nothing selling and reductions of only ~5% on most houses that hang around with no viewings. One more IR rise might just push this turkey over on sentiment alone. I don't want to buy there, I just want to see all the BTLters burn.
  19. I'm not defending communism. I'm pointing out that capitalism isn't the long term answer and never was. At best it's a transition to a more altruistic system. Sitting back and saying this is the best dog poo sandwich we have isn't really saying much in my eyes, and nor is a load of Davos elites telling us 'we've never had it so good'. I'll reiterate - we've been spared the **** end of capitalism because we've been able to export it abroad and also because of credit when union bargaining power was obliterated. It all came crashing down in TGFC. Ok, I get that millions suffered at the hands of communism. How many millions have died because of global capitalism?
  20. Ask an 8 year old Bangladeshi girl, sewing up footballs for a few pence a day if capitalism works for her, while Rooney gets £200k a week in-between granny hand jobs. We in the west have been shielded from the blunt end of capitalism for decades by outsourcing it. Now it's started to come home to roost as our middle class becomes eroded. The 'good' times are over. Why do you think Russia had a revolution at all? It wasn't for the sheer hell of it, so calling these market failures when thousands dropped dead in the streets through starvation doesn't do it justice. My hat goes off to anyone who at least attempts to steer away from a brutal system that requires at least as many losers as winners. And I say this as someone who's pretty well minted.
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