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  1. The Count is immortal. Probably A.I., a Russian bot. I blame Putin
  2. Mexican standoff in Greater London. Bog standard places like this have been on for 6 months (relisted),with one price reduction. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71205068.html They are awaiting the spring surge, which won't happen IMO. If I'm right and spring is a flop for these chancers then the crash will take place properly in London and infect everywhere else.
  3. As much as I may hate to admit it and as much as he comes from a world I can barely comprehend, I believe Reese Mogg is a principled man too (total opposite of that **** Cameron). He is also a consummate debater and would wipe the floor with almost anyone so that may be so, but JC has been underestimated before and is growing in stature. Quite where this lack of backbone comes from though, I don't know.... JC was wearing his heart on his sleeve while David Cameron was introducing his manservant to a soon-to-be bacon sandwich. Not getting the antisemitism either. Being critical of Israel is not antisemitic. There are plenty of Jews that do that too.
  4. we'll have to agree to differ on that. I don't agree with everything JC stands for but he's more principled than any tory or tory-light leader we've seen in decades. But neither of us have crystal balls. Merely having a decent supply of council homes will put a massive dent in housing benefit payouts taking the competition off private renters.
  5. The main difference is that a Corbyn government will build more houses and burn landlords. Any resulting crash would leave council houses to deal with the mess.... until the tories get back in and sell the lot again for tuppence.
  6. You have two weeks to perform brain surgery, perform Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto or read the 9 O'clock propaganda news. Which do you choose?
  7. Where's this magical 'free healthcare' I keep hearing about? Probably free for these nonces who pay bugger all tax/NI.
  8. Don't agree. If people were allowed to top up their benefits now, with no repercussions to said benefits, I think most would (you'll always have a hard core of dossers). Lots of people don't work/don't do full time work because it doesn't pay. If you keep whatever you earn as extra, then that's incentive enough for most.
  9. At least there'll be plenty of people to pick fruit 3 months a year and wash cars. Why are we importing so many again????? WTF is 'their' plan?
  10. Technically speaking it's a new low in living standards and a new high in exploitation. I'm tempted to set light to the entire project one night. The resulting prison accommodation would appear to be similar (In Norway at least):
  11. So only NW, SW and Scotland recorded MoM increases - the London ripple is starting again (in reverse this time).
  12. This dawning realisation is only just hitting the London 'burbs. In Harrow, everyone seems to have reduced 3-4 bed semis by the same ~5%, still not selling and everyone is hanging around in a Mexican stand-off. Once the first capitulations start to happen - POW!
  13. I put down a deposit of £475,000 and there were still areas I don't qualify for . feck em. From the article: "Although employment levels grew by 102,000 in the three months to November, household finances are still under pressure..." No shit - 16 hours in Lidl doesn't go far these days.
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