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  1. Fair enough. The north and south are two different beasts - but it did work in the south, according to my slight elders. Oh, I'll bet you are... just matters how far you swing Just like everyone's a capitalist... just matters how far you swing the other way. We need a new system that doesn't pit 18th century ideas against 19th century ones. Otherwise we're left with this toxic to-and-fro.
  2. Surely it can only be mis-sold if you can prove no one explained you needed repayment vehicle? Small print? Evidence of IQ in single digits?
  3. I can only think that the tories have ultimately thrown in the towel and will let Labour build a shed-load of council houses. Then they'll pop up at the next election after that, promising to make them all Tories by selling the stock off at a discount. Worked before.
  4. The world is run by people who own people who are sexual deviants.
  5. Then feck off. Pretty pointless being on a forum dedicated to overpriced housing and inevitably bursting bubbles if you're sure we're all delusional. Unless you're a troll of course.
  6. Bring on anyone but these self-serving wankers. Does anyone need any more proof that this government is as corrupt as any that ever existed? Bye-bye Tories, you've lost the ******ing plot.
  7. I thought she'd be more akin to Emile Heskey. Keeps getting into advanced positions but ******s up at every opportunity.
  8. From the educational films that I've seen, it usually involves pizza delivery or plumbing of some kind....
  9. Crossroads - not that I'm that old I can remember it, but just that I'm a Brummie and the whole Crossroads thing was a cult up there (wasn;t Acorn Antiques based on it?)
  10. I bet they'd like to use racial discrimination too, but that little admission might backfire.
  11. '...And as is the case with all good ideas - they decided to to take the step together over a pint...'' Yeah, Einstein, Socrates, Newton, Wozniak etc. They were all pissed off their skulls.
  12. It's my opinion. I'm not on the habit of adding IMO at the end of each post.
  13. LoL. Some of us are in our 40's so I feel you have plenty of time. To paraphrase someone on here (can't remember who): 'Someone taking out a stupid amount of debt has to right for 25+ years. You only have to be right once.'
  14. Surely it depends where you are? Ask someone in Chelsea and they would have to say (albeit reluctantly) they are inside a crash right now. link Greater London is on the edge. This Spring/Summer will tell us where we stand. If we get an IR rise before then, then it's definitely on.
  15. Probably not, but at least his reasons would be more humanist than seeing them merely as crucial GDP debt units and room fillers.
  16. Abuse isn't a 'problem' in the top schools. It's a bonding process based on shaming and secrecy.... carried all the way into some university frats. Occasionally it goes a 'little too far' but that is the price they pay. I went to uni with the Dean of Canterbury's son. He was a right pot-head. Lovely geezer, but damaged goods and considered a drop-out by his school chums. Used to tell me stories from the relatively benign toilet-seat-warming and being human toast racks for fags to much, much worse. The world is run by those who hold secrets over others. So 'top' British schools are still up there purely for their quirky sexual deviance and all the advantages they bring.
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