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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/nov/09/mark-boyle-money?showAllComments=true As long as money exists, these symptoms will surely persist. So I decided, last November, to give it up, for one year initially, and reconnect directly with the things I use and consume. The first step in the process was to find a form of sustainable shelter. For this I turned to the amazing project Freecycle, through which I located a caravan that someone else didn't want any more. I also needed somewhere to put this new home, so I decided to volunteer three days a week at an organic farm near Bristol in
  2. nope, for this winter he moved the caravan into the garden of his new girlfriend as they seem to be getting on well, he giving her the cash he would be paying for campsite fees at the moment, but last year he wintered on his motorhome, he says it was was toasty warm, cost him about £30 or less, as insulated walls, very cheap gas bottles, he paid no council tax so could easily afford the £30 on gas bottles, he went on tons of holidays with his motorhome doing a mix of free-camp and campsites, visiting friends, staying in their driveway etc. etc. he had lots of single mum friends who did his wa
  3. he says you have to give property away to the wife, so any change in value is of no value, in the end
  4. This book explains a lot, about the nature of things, and I think, to be honest, nobody understands economics, it is a flawed science, it never makes any sense at all.
  5. My divorced mate Alan lives in a caravan, on a campsite, the caravan cost him £1000 and the site fees are £50 a week, he loves it, says he likes the simplicity of it all and being close to nature, the kids love visiting as lots of 'for the kids' facilities available.
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