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  1. Also someone mentioned the selling fee can be up to 5% by the estates agents...do u know is that right?
  2. Hi just wondering can you recommend how to get it valued or who through..? Know you cant be too specific on this forum...and have you had success in selling. we are going to look into it as doesnt seem to be going away other than creating a hole in our pockets.
  3. have sent you email.... not sure if address was right.
  4. interested in sharing info and meeting with other investors in N.I. , micheal.mowen@yahoo.ie (aka Ritchie)

  5. matze@hotmail.co.uk for newlon and i give you an update !

  6. Hi thanks for reply... just not sure whether all the bother of changing management companies is worth money and hassle???? Do you know anyone who has tried selling and if yes have they lost a lot ? not sure how to get in touch with you privately... does ps have your contact details.? Anyone out there meeting in N.I?
  7. do you mind me asking if you are getting any more rent with new company rahter than Kapa**? did you meet in London with the others?
  8. HI There... is there anybody out there? why is no- one posting anything on the forum now.. it was a good way for me to keep track of progress and have no contact withanyone other than this..pls reply... have you all changed management company and if yes ... why?
  9. can you let me know if you have changed from Kapall and why you think the alternative company are better... PS has let us know that many are changing... are the fees less and are you getting more rent??? I feel I need make a decision but not sure what to do.?
  10. [well I dont think you are alone in thinking I wish we had never done this... but is there potential that the property value will grow again longer term???? million dollar question...?? heres hoping.... your rent sounds a lot like ours... I think our original guarantee was something like 342 and there was a payment in for 275 in Dec... not good... PS suggested we might even work out better off in terms of rent but not sure where that idea came from... oh well could be worse.... we could have bought in Haiti...poor souls there. We are changing to K too and i think ours has been modernised but
  11. yes we did but I am not sure if this is from the new company or not... we left Dr O and hope to get the rent guarantee back minus legal fees....I am hoping this is the start of us getting some rent again but it is about 80 euros less than we used to get... plus havent had any clarification re new management fees yet...am waiting on some replies. is this the same for you or others? regards Lostlolly
  12. Hi... my solicitor told me about this website when I said I would like to talk to other people in the same boat... we also are in 10 year deal and havent had any rental for past 2 months but I am hoping it will be sorted out...I would be keen to meet also if there is anything being arranged and would appreciate if a date could be posted... Pippy if no one has come back to you we could arrange something....?? Also interested to know who is dealing with tax returns in Berlin or who would you recommend? regards Lostlolly
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