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  1. From Rightmove's Terms of Use: 2.1 The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in this Site (including all database rights, trade marks, service marks, trading names, text, graphics, code, files and links) belong to us or our licensor(s). Subject to clause 3, you may download material from this Site for the sole purpose of using this Site. However, you must not copy, transmit, modify, republish, store (in whole or in part), frame, pass-off or link to any material or information on or downloaded from this Site without our prior written consent. I reckon EAs have been leaning on RM as the only way they would have been able to hide price drops would be to relist the property each time the price changed, which equals extra costs to relist, which equals less wads of cash for the EAs to swim around in after the cleaners have left. A great shame, but you kind of saw it coming really.
  2. BBC Business Coverage Found Wanting It's a shame the report doesn't highlight the Beeb's sycophantic ear to anything relating to house price increases, but at least weaknesses are being spotted in the quality of the Beeb's reporting.
  3. I applied for an extra bank account for bills and such three or four years ago. Natwest immediately slapped a £5,000 overdraft limit on it. (That's bigger than my credit limit!) I've never used it but whenever I go online to do a spot of banking the "available balance" does make for attractive viewing - and maybe that's the point... Oh, and can I have one of those gold stars too?
  4. Having just bought I can say that my mortgage will be £773.66 per month (fixed) against a basic monthly take-home pay of around £2000, so that makes it just shy of 39%. With a regular monthly bonus included this figure drops to about 33%.
  5. The house opposite me sold STC and we quickly received a flyer from the agent trumpeting the fact (and rightly so, seeing as though it backs onto a somewhat unsavoury bunch of council flats). If you are spending a tenner in postage from the fee earned from a sale, and you bag an interested party, then the approach works. (As some have pointed out here already, the trick is then to sell that property!) Another local agent (Gilson Bailey) has clumps of For Sale boards all over Norwich, presumably from using the same technique. The only thing is they're quickly being turned into Sold signs. It's like Robbie Fowler's moved to Norwich or something... (Edited for spelling - I note we have the English Police as a member now! )
  6. I've spotted a fair number of these adverts too, but as a shareholder of one of these companies I have a different set of alarm bells going off. With these adverts all trumpeting the "government legislation" part I reckon it's only a matter of time before the Enterprise Act is tweaked slightly to curb this explosion in IVAs. (Perhaps as soon as the next Budget speech?) If the Enterprise Act is left alone, however, could this then be the government's way of punishing the lax lending practices of the banks and building societies? Just a random thought for the day. Cheston
  7. When I had a trot around the lenders at the end of July the Woolwich offered me up to 4x my salary and Nationwide offered me up to 4.25x my salary. I was looking at a five year and ten year fix respectively. I offered a 10% deposit and enough cash to pay all the fees - it's just a shame I'd have had nothing left with which to kit the place out!
  8. Yeah, I've seen that one too. Link New Market Residentials (the agent in question) originally had all the flats listed separately at the same time with the same photograph for the same price. Perhaps the vendor thought it looked a tad desperate and asked for a different approach. Plus, if I recall correctly, each flat was on for £85K so it has conveniently allowed the vendor to tack an extra £140K on the asking price! Anyway, why bother paying £93,750 per flat when you can snap up this little earner for £80K... Link or this one for £87K... Link
  9. I've recently posted this to the pinned Rightmove thread but I thought, given the efforts of HPC-ers, it would be a good idea to also highlight this via a new thread. As mentioned in the thread title, I have noticed that Rightmove are now trialling an error-reporting service on selected properties. See this post I made on the pinned thread for details and a link: Link to pinned Rightmove post
  10. Rightmove are now trialling an error-reporting service for selected properties, presumably as a result of the stink kicked up by HPC-ers. Let's hope they roll it out across every listing. Rightmove link - scroll to the bottom of the page
  11. And six years later look where we are... just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you see in the news! Ah, those were the days!
  12. The Olympic Torch email is a well-known hoax, but we do still see it appear in our logs from time to time. The Osama Bin Laden pic, however, a genuine virus we recieved on 19th June (regardless of timestamp): We also received a variant of the virus a few days earlier: I believe they are related to this virus, released earlier this year: Link Cheston
  13. I've put in my 2p. It probably won't be published as 1) it's too long (in true Cheston Pelvis fashion ) and 2) it's more of a general grump than personal experience.
  14. I suggest you have a play with the BARB website, where one can track the national obsession on a week-by-week basis. To save a click-through I can confirm that Location, Location, Location drew in 2.5m viewers on 9/7/06 - 100,000 more than Lost (does that mean we will we see Location, Location, Location DVD box sets on the shelves in time for Christmas?!?). The obsession rolls on, I'm afraid. Off topic: Are these shows still sponsored by ING Direct? That's always baffled me. Why sponsor a bunch of TV shows that are ultimately enticing viewers into emptying their savings accounts? Edit: Property Ladder drew in 2.37m viewers.
  15. [plug]Who? Richard Herring? Very funny chap in my book. Talking **** was very chucklesome.[/plug]
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