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  1. if you're the only person who has made a formal offer, I would say you are in the driving seat and sit tight. I would guess the bank would come back to you once they realise you won't be upping your offer. If you do get your offer accepted- you need to keep your nerve and always be prepared to walk away as this is when they will try and flush out any other interested parties- the house probably won't be taken off the market so it could get quite stressful if you start laying out for surveys, solicitors etc.. Banks will play hard ball with repo's and its quite a stressful process (in the mid
  2. cowshed up north for half a million, sir? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22703439.html
  3. i bet the cheeky barstewards only offered double what she paid for it. tsk....
  4. Someone on this thread mentioned that EA's may be trying to manipulate this index. I have seen this a couple of times (love property bee) and just found an example. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22682664.html Reduced by 25k on the initial day of listing. Also, as an aside, I also notice that when houses sell or go under offer AFTER being reduced, the price is then changed back to the initial asking price on RM to give the impression the house has sold at a higher price- anyone else notice this? Sneaky.............
  5. This thread is completely at odds with the youth unemployment figures.... or is noone hiring anyone?
  6. Did anyone see the review of the papers on breakfast this morning? The Express was held up to highlight the piece on the actresses on the front but the paper was folded over to obscure the headline. It was the only paper folded when they were going through them all. Not so biased........?
  7. ...can't differentiate between good luck and economics, and similarly, can't undertstand that the same effort at different stages of a market cycle produce very different results. (sorry to bring this on topic!)
  8. Brilliant! Keep em coming... (theres no such thing as bad publicity and all that) now a few main stream articles about the site would be fantastic
  9. what about this one? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-18748320.html looks like the EA has changed the price after it went under offer to look like it has sold for more- is that not market manipulation? this seems super shady or have i missed something......?
  10. Would have been interesting to see the banks valuation had a survey been necessary. My irritation is with the buyer and the legions of them out there like him/her who are making probably the biggest purchase of their lives and dont access the info out there. Sounds like you nearly got lucky at the expense of some idiot. OK- remove accessibility to house price sold data but in the interest of balance also ban any media spin (house prices double every 10 years, cant go wrong with bricks and morter etc etc etc) and we'll see what your house is "worth"
  11. Out of interest- did the buyer need a mortgage and had a survey been done?
  12. a deeply deeply unsettling reality check
  13. Not sure what we expected here. Mary Portas is about making a business leaner and more in tune with the customer to maximise sales. Only thing that struck me about this was on the previous episodes, there was a huge empahisis on price This was conspicuous by its absence. You cant compare a t-shirt from primark or a sofa from csl with buying a house- there are way more factors at play and this is what needs highlighting to the general public (i believe we call them sheeple on here!) I would be more interested in channel 4 etc explaining the "cost" of houses in the same way they explore the
  14. Why would you take the time to vote "no" to this poll but not post a comment?
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