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  1. He will be speaking at "The International Union for Land Value Taxation" Global Conference 2010 Why is so much wealth in the hands of so few? 26th - 30th April 2010 11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ
  2. I'm definitely NOT PC, but a vote for progress?!?!?!? Surely that's just the sympathy vote?!
  3. The phrase that stuck in my mind about the BTL boom was "the second enclosures". The word you used "monopoly" earlier is very apt since what has happened and is happening many many times over is mini monopolies are being bought in the form of property and then surprise surprise the people excluded from the boom aren't very happyl.
  4. It just shows the Tories would have done as little to contain HPI over the last 10 years as Nu Labour - hard to believe but true. Did they say anything during the years when HPI was running at 15%-20% p.a. The only person in the Parliament to say a bean was Vince Cable.
  5. When the country is in intensive care with a needle in it's arm injecting £16 billion every month it's not going to feel much at all.
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