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  1. It was a buy now or be left out frenzy, anyways, you could just cheaply withdraw equity after 1 year Prices were going up every month and it was good for the economy!
  2. After a recent visit to their Cheshire Oak's branch, I'm not planning on going again. TERRIBLE service, rude staff and an awful 'Fast Food' feel of the place. Food was lovely though, shame about the staff.
  3. Taxi plates in my city went for as high as 60k during the boom thanks to increased equity in owner drivers homes Now going for about 40k.its a grey market, the council still own the plate and can pull it at any moment in the future. I could buy a hackney cab and plate for 50k and settle rent it out to drivers for £350/week, just need to pay for insurance, road tax, license renewal and mot/taxi test/maintenance and plate finance via specialist taxi finance company, yes they exist. After 7 years plate is paid off, and your pulling in £350/week minus costs for doing almost jack shit while your day and night drivers have the cab on the road 20 hours of the day earning pittance. Cabs are in high demand at the moment because of immigrants, they are queuing up for owners to rent their cabs to them. Ive even seen owners renting plate only. Crazy!
  4. oh.... another so called 'price war' *yawn* I shop in Asda usually, whenever I shop in Tesco I end up spending 20% more and end up with more waste!! I don't know if it's just me, but the staff in Tesco are RUDE.
  5. Check out those comments! : http://www.rightmove.co.uk/sell-my-house-fast/ My favourite:
  6. Not so long ago they were giving 15% cashback via Quidco.com on all purchases online, laptops, TVs everything. That's their margin gone then...
  7. Me thinks this is where things slowly start going sour....taste of things to come ....as we all tend to say... all I wanted was a house price crash and I get this lousy /recession / depression.
  8. I have to agree this program reeked of propaganda, shame on your BBC!
  9. When rates resume to their average of 6% (or so) that means their interest rate will be 21.9% on my card. I pay my card off at the end of every month and every card I've had in the last 3 years they have given me the lower rates (15-18%) Quite a con in my opinion.
  10. Got a pretty "For the journey" letter today from Lloyds TSB regarding my airmiles credit card. Soon they will be charging me interest at my personal interest rate (15.9% + Base Rate). First I've ever heard of this practice, they have also got rid of the cash withdrawal interest rate so cash withdrawal's would be charged at the same rate. I can't see their reasoning for this? Are they expecting some mega inflation in the future and want protect their margins?
  11. This thread reminded me why I was angry in the car today. Local schools advertising on Radio ! :angry: What's the point & why are they allowed to waste money on advertising. Some of these schools advertised are over subscribed & sought after.
  12. Based on my experience, most shops will have just 1 Manager and then plenty of minions, some given Cash/Keys/Closing up etc responsibilities but with no premium in return for the extra responsibilities. My very first job was in a busy well known card chain in a prime location (The type that charges £3 for a average card) and the setup was exactly like above, despite a couple of staff assuming supervisor roles because they had keys syndrome, and still being on NMW. The manager was only in 4 days week, the minions would do her job most days. Another job in the nightclub/hospitality industry, big chain now gone under but supervisor's and venue supervisor's were all still on NMW, and told to instead grateful because they get 50-60 hours/week instead of 20. A large 'poundshop' type chain is exactly the same, everyone on NMW except the Manager.
  13. I'd imagine it's older folk who don't do internet and gamers keeping this place alive at the moment. The one by me always looks quiet, rent must be £20k at the very least. Surprised their still going, perhaps the publisher's/distributor's are giving them better prices and terms, not sure how the DVD/Game rental market works Commission per rental maybe?
  14. It comes as no surprise that any new sorting equipment has to be vetted by the union incase it makes some people's jobs..well nonjobs, because computers, conveyor belts, smart camera's, software and the like do it for them. They still have too many mail centre's. Warrington is a good example of how RM can consolidate regional Mail Centre's such as Liverpool, Crewe, etc. Therefore they have more volume and greater ROI for sorting equipment because they have huge volumes of mail, rather than equipment for EACH mail centre.
  15. What, tripled because she MEW'd ? Millionaire my *** .This woman was a bad businesswoman. Full stop. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003533/Former-millionaire-moved-sisters-garden-months-business-foundered.html#ixzz1PHcZxHde
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