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  1. It was a private sale to a friend of a friend He has since been in touch looking for more to buy at that price I don,t blame him as it was a good deal Most times if I have to sell gold in the uk I go to the golden purse gold shop in Birmingham and ask for Ali He is a white guy so god knows how he got that name he is the best person to sell your gold that I have found( but I only sold him gold bars ) Just give him a call and he will let you know his buy price
  2. Doing good thank you digger I stupidly came back to the uk from Asia for the summer ...big mistake because of the weather But enjoying the strawberry,raspberry season and cool nights for sleeping I ended up buying back into gold at the end of last year as I just missed the stuff and my gut feelings just would not go away I also picked up a dozen krugerrand coins on my trip home last year from a friend who wanted out I am selling them tomorrow for a £1000 each then I am off to Egypt to see the pyramids and do a bit of diving As I hear Egypt has never been so quiet....no Russians touri
  3. I think r.k or in his previous life (realist bear) Deserves to be humble this morning I said it once before about him not being able to hit a barn door with his predictions $1000 gold my ass
  4. I am doing really well as is my family ... I am still living in Asia but back in cold Britain for a couple of weeks Are you still stacking or have you gave up waiting on gold to rise ? Hope all is well with you
  5. You really think so I think we will see 1200 before 1300 Fancy a side bet
  6. You are quoting the daily wail .... Give us a break ...to me it is just more desperate Tory probagada Releasing or rehashing stories on the run up to the voting day Pathetic and desperate behavior Almost black ops with disinformation and half truths being released to scare the public Crap like this is just pushing the scots further away Hopefully the (academics) you head hunt have more brains than to quote the daily wail as fact I would not wipe my rear end with that rag
  7. Me !!!!! I will also be returning home to Scotland if it is a yes vote And I will be putting my money were my mouth is and my first act will be to start my own business More tax or not I want to help start my country's economy It's not about me but I want to encourage the youth of my country to feel proud and to stand up for the rights of Scotland My hope is that a yes vote is finally going to bring an end to the crap politics the uk has had to endure for a life time No more rich Eton,Cambridge and Oxford half wits deciding my children's future
  8. Why it is not on English television baffles me I found it strange salmond even wanted to debate with the Uncle Tom (darling) Cameron should have had the balls to face up to salmond ... But he sh!t it as usual ... His failure to appear does not make him look good to the scots I spoke too
  9. It is on Stv player Just look up Stv news and it will explain how you can get it
  10. Sadly I don,t think many countries have much off a sewage or water treatment before it gets tossed into the poor sea I used to surf in my younger days and I will always remember bondi beach as the biggest shocker After a big down pour the storm drains would put out all sorts of garbage and I ended up with blisters inside my mouth one time But morocco really is a bin and it is down to the people as the countryside is spectacular in many places Never again would I return there
  11. I did last year ...morocco to be exact And you would have to pay me to go back A total hole were thieving seems to be a national sport
  12. Oh dear !!!!! Why is the welsh economy a basket case maybe because it has not enjoyed the benefits the south has walloded in since well before Scotland and England were as you put it UNITED....
  13. A good call that was predicting 1250.....well done
  14. Sandbanks has for me the largest percent of tossers per head of population in the uk....I worked on houses there back in the late nineties ..my boss had to keep me away from them as I unleashed on a few of them that just thought the world revolved around them and sandbanks .....we could not get nothing done because of moaning neighbors and feckwits from the local goverment ...nice beaches near though for a swim after work
  15. Big jumps in Asia this morning.......silver up nearly 5 percent..
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