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  1. Thanks all - i dont think train is 25 mins though ... more like 40 according to nationalrail.co.uk Went there again today to see a couple of places - really think the place has a fair bit going for it - close to nice walks in Runnymede etc, near countryside, easy access to Windsor - certainly did not look like somewhere that's over-run with immigrants or chavs Just need to find the right place at the right price Interested to hear anymore views on the place from people that know it
  2. Ok check out the comments on Staines here - very positive ... http://www.knowhere.co.uk/Staines/Surrey/South-East-England/info/bestthings
  3. >Have you considered Chertsey, Egham or Walton? Egham is further out than Staines. I must say having walked around Staines a bit I don't recognise some of the descriptions above ... seems like a nice town, not chavvy at all really.
  4. Hmmm thanks Yeah have noticed that house prices actually aren't that cheap and quite limited supply ... bit worrying what you say about the over-crowding - would have hoped to be able to get on at Staines and get a seat ... have heard lots of good things about staines but now not sure ...
  5. Have been looking at moving to Staines (currently renting in East London). Looks like a decent place to live, good town centre, by the river etc. Prices are ok but not amazing - should be able to get a decent 3 bed house for well under £300k. The question is, are we better off buying in South London somewhere like Streatham ... is the commute (40 mins to waterloo) gonna be a killer ... thoughts?
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