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  1. Well, do you feel cool having rackup-up over 22,500 posts on this forum? That's nearly 7 posts a day, every day, for the nine years you have been a member. Be honest - it may be time to call it a day.
  2. Well, your trite comment aside, small (distance-wise) communities which are able to adapt to fuel shortages will fair much better than Areas which are strip-malled. Or to put it another way, yes, the global economy will collapse, but life will go on, and it will go on much more successfully in areas where the infrastructure was not centered around cheap, plentiful petrol.
  3. For my quick tuppenth worth - in my long-lost youth I spent three months delivering cars around America (cheap way to see the states). Our first car we picked up in LA and drove to just outside Detroit....dropped off the car, and then......ooops. From then on we made sure we always picked up the next car before dropping off the previous one. If Peak Energy comes to pass, the American Suburban model is buggered.
  4. Uuuummmm, noodle doodle, you need to read up on basic finance if you genuinely believe what you have just written about wasted rent... You either rent the house or you rent the money to buy the house - there is no difference, except that in the 2nd case you expose yourself to the value of the house. What if you bought 6 years ago on interest only? What then? The renter meanwhile has paid a rent which is similar or lower than the mortgage interest rate they could have got, and they have salted away the money they saved compared to a repayment mortgage into their house deposit. Who wins then?
  5. Agreed. And as a point to clarify, When Labour stooges accuse the coalition of social engineering - can I just ask: How can supplying a ludicrous and patently unfair HB NOT be social engineering, whilst reducing this benefit apparently IS social engineering? Purest doublethink from the party that invented doublethink. Dangerous nonsense in other words. God they make me sick.
  6. Seeing as you think it is OK to hurl insults....you Frank Sidebottom are a massive, unremitting T.WAT. Grow up FFS. Nick Clegg ruled with his response - and all rational people would agree with him.
  7. Agreed - Frank Sidebottom wins the award for ultimate lefty kn0b hands down.
  8. I rather feel he is a dogmatic [email protected] lefty that will NEVER see the reality of things.
  9. What!?!? is this a line of argument? multiply it by the tens of thousands of bone-idle sh1ts in this country and you start talking serious money. This does upset me greatly, and therefore you have insulted me by saying I am an imbecile. Well, You are a [email protected]
  10. Don't worry, I have plenty of bile for both the bankers and the chav single mothers! The point is, they are both extracting wealth from the middle.
  11. I fundamentally disagree: education does give you a better chance - a country of educated (technically, morally, politically) people (e.g. the UK, Germany) can sustain a complex society which keeps people warm and fed, mobile phones etc. A country with a poor level of education (e.g. Burkina Faso) is a shit-hole. I want to live in a society of educated, enlightened people who accept responsibility for themselves. It is a lovely concept to ensure everyone is looked after using a welfare state, but we need to make damned sure that it does not become a cradle which fills up with more and more infantilised people who choose not to contribute to society. Which is what happened under NewLabour by the way, indeed they actively encouraged for some reason.
  12. The bankers can p1ss off - they are a separate issue; I want to see them stripped of their uniquely profitable and risk-free position in society, and made to work for a reasonable wage like the rest of us. Back to the topic in hand, calling the concept of being responsible for the fruit of your loins 'abhorent' really sums up everything that is wrong with this f**ked up country - Jesus what a mess Labour left behind, not just financially but also in terms of social mores, norms and morality. People who can't afford to have kids - should not have f**king kids! Is it a human right? What about my human right to not pay for all the assorted dross and scum that are breeding like rats in this country!?! The Labour legacy is just a bunch of different special interest groups loudly moaning and griping, backed up by 'experts' who can be relied on to defend their interests in a high profile way (mainly because they make a living out of the special interest group), and the story is ALWAYS EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS: Moan moan moan, whinge whinge whinge, it's not my fault it's not my responsibility, etc, etc, etc.....WHERE'S MY FREE MONEY? The welfare state was originally envisaged as a safety net to catch people who through outrageous fortune had fallen on hard times....it is now a lifestyle choice for many people who have completely forgotten the concept of personal responsibility. JUST LIKE THE BANKERS they expect to be able to socialise the consequences of their questionable choices onto everyone else. It has to end.
  13. Consumers and workers are ultimately the same people, and if they aren't getting paid sufficiently to buy the goods being produced, then obviously there is going to be a problem at some point. However, at an individual company level the incentive of management is obviously to hold down workers wages as much as possible, making shareholders happy and of course allowing them to pay themselves more. "Let other companies pay their workers properly" is the attitude. Steadily increasing levels of personal debt have been the means by which ordinary people have been able to access the increasing cornucopia of goods being produced; this papers over the problem for a while, and furthermore provides an opportunity for the sods who didn't pay their workers properly in the first place to make even more money by lending to the chumps. However ultimately the problem of low wages still remains, and we are pretty much there now I reckon. Anyway, in contrast to the greedy ba5tards at the top nowadays, this is what Henry Ford said: "There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible." I would say he had the right idea - he knew who was ultimately buying his cars.
  14. Uuummmmm, TaxAbuser I think you will find that most on here were fully in agreement with you over the last few years, and I doubt very much that very many people if any were calling you nuts. Are you trying to impress upon everyone else how especially clever and prophetic you are on this subject, a voice in the wilderness? Can I remind you which website you are posting on?
  15. Yes, because the objective of the education system is of course to produce intelligent, critically-minded, disciplined, knowledgeable young people Labour voters, isn't it? This 'blame Thatch' b0llocks really is the low point in any Labour-lover's arsenal of 'arguments' (and it is up against some stiff competition) - as someone else has said on here, the 80's were a Conservative clean-up after the outgoing Labour government handed them an economic pile-of-pooh as usual...and now we are in exactly the same position again. Why is it that socialist governments are so bad on basic arithmetic and economic matters? My suspicion is that it is a general inability to deal with reality - everything is high-minded ideals, down-the-nose moralising, relativism and social control; the simple mathematical fact that they are furiously spunking money they don't have up the wall seems to escape them completely. . Last ten years = massive boozy party, on tick. Next ten years = hangover. Labour supporters seem to think we can just keep on boozing it up on credit with no consequences ad infinitum, and anyone who takes the bottle away before the liver packs up and the creditors come knocking is a TORY BA5TARD. Voting Labour = inaccurate view of reality. Thank f*ck they are gone. Truly Orwell was right when he wrote that freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4.
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