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  1. It is him. That is fairly public knowledge is it not? If you want I could find out the exact amount the PMS lent him and the exact amount they will eventually get back. He is an awful, awful man by the way. Just dreadful.
  2. Just because you agree with a poster doesn't make them amusing. 'baz' is a pain, but 'broke baz' isn't funny. He might be right, but he certainly isn't funny. Perhaps, Subby, you are 'broke baz', as I think the only person to 'lol' at that would be the person who wrote it. Guilty?
  3. I have no doubt there were more than 24 viewers, but 500 people prepared to pay for it? I doubt it. By theway, it isn't what I say, it is what house price surveys say.
  4. Yeah, that's the reason why people don't post here anymore. The new website design. That must be it.
  5. "if there were 500 "subscribers" all over the island of Ireland each contributing £10 / Eu 10 on average....." OK, so you have 6 people so far out of the 1.5million in NI. That means you would get about 18 from the 4.5million in the Republic, giving a total of 24, which only leaves another 476 to get. Wee buns. The site finished because no one looks at it any more because most people think the crash is over. It's gone - just like the crash.
  6. I am sure you want to believe that people don't come on here anymore because the crash they wanted is happening and is continuing, so they can happily go on renting for the next 3 years without feeling the need to comment on here - if that were true would they not have stopped commenting the moment the crash became immediately obvious, rather than stop about 2 years later? I am prepared to believe that you are aware of, but don't want to admit to, the real reason - most people who were on here, people who were fervent in their views in favour of a crash, have realised the crash is over and cle
  7. Lads, if this is the type of thing you are holding onto to demonstrate that the crash isn't over, then things must be worse for you than I thought. UK prices have been increasing for the last 6 months and are now higher than a year ago, mortgage approvals continue to rise etc etc. But an expensive house is advertised on Gumtree. Well that's that then - crash back on! By the way, Catch 22 isn't 'difficult' to read if you are relatively intelligent. It has been my favourite book since I was 14, although I must confess I didn't realise it had a 'deeper meaning' relating to house prices.
  8. It doesn't counteract the one I posted though, does it? Mine was about the latest figures which say that prices are actually rising. Yours was about the opinion of someone who thinks that they wont in future. They might go back down in the future, I don't know - no one knows - but at the moment they are rising, aren't they?
  9. Hang on a minute - they are heading up and have been for 6 months. And they are heading up here too according to the last set of figures I saw - by about 9%. The accuracy was good enough on the way down, but now they have stopped being accurate? Never got round to telling me why there are only so few of you left either.
  10. Quote Does nobody want to tell me why there are so few of you left? Not sure I know what you mean by this comment. Can you elaborate as to what you mean? I mean when I used to look at this during the crash there were loads of you. Loads and loads. Now there seem to be less than 10. Has everyone else realised that the game is up and bought a house or are trying to? I see Mr Slump has, and he used to be pretty forthright in his views about the continuing crash. And subby is giving it serious thought, he used to be one of your stalwarts didn't he? Is this why? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/busin
  11. Don't have an opinion on future prices. Not really interested. People who are a wee bit obsessed with things tend to forget that most people don't share their obsession. Does nobody want to tell me why there are so few of you left? Or tackle my point (and Belfast VI's) about FP's 'prediction'? By the way, you do not have to be trying to make money to realise that predictions are all about timing. I had forgotten about the 'rock on' guy! Does that not get a wee bit annoying? I have only read a few of his posts and it is already starting to annoy me, you lot have to read it every day. I am su
  12. You are so very right. FP is lauded as some kind of genius, but whilst he predicted the crash he got the timing totally wrong, and it is *all* about timing. If I predicted a price rises at the end of 2007, I doubt I would have the nuts to go on TV and say I told you so when the last set of figures came out and said house prices were rising. Why do the media never call him on this? It always amazes me. I heard he sold to rent even earlier than 2004 - good move! He is also starting to sound a bit silly now, with his increasingly alarmist claims of more price falls when the scale of falls he 'pr
  13. Oh wise and powerful moderator, please forgive my earlier indiscretion! Please do not banish me beneath a bridge to talk to goats (that's right isn't it?)! Some of the opinions on here are a wee bit mental though, are they not? Don't a lot of you think that the Bel Tel is out to get you, and they don't publish your posts for ideological reasons? Wasn't there a report out a while back saying prices in NI had gone up, but many on here dismissed the figures as incorrect, despite gleefully discussing figures from the same survey when they showed falling prices?
  14. Would saying that prices are currently rising be considered offensive? Still not clear on the troll thing. Don't trolls live under bridges?
  15. Dunno, but they seem to be at the moment don't they? Perhaps they will.
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