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  1. Thanks a lot for the comments, which are really helpful.
  2. We presently live in Tolworth. Yeah, I do mean Heatherside (sorry, Heathside was wrongly spelled). Some recent built private estate near Old Bisley road/Edgemoor road draws our interest . We like the lovely woods at doorstep! A bit concern about 1960-70s developed estate around Cumberland Road? Are they ex-council house or privated developed at the time of built? Please comment. We have walked down Heatherside community centre over weekend. It seems to be OK place as per your advise. Thanks for valuable info.
  3. Thanks for prompt responce. I commute to Knaphill for work. Not sure it is problem and will be there early morning to see how bad/congested. BTW, apart from traffic, any pro or con moving in Heathside? How is it compared with rest part of Frimley? Thanks a lot.
  4. We are planning to move to Frimley area, have been interested in one 4-bed house at Heathside area, nearly Old Bisley Road. Any comment about Heathside area, nice place to move in? We are aware that there are massive “council estate” like houses in Heathside area, i.e. around Cumberland Load. Any local knowledge about this area? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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