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  1. Ok - so someone put me right - my mates got 40+ BTL flats and always boasts he pays less tax than me (i.e says he pays himself around 15K a year to Mr Taxman) ....yet drives around in brand spanking TT, out every weekend , always buying top notch stuff. The properties he has are no where near £280 per week limit - I'm guessing he'll be ok, and I'm never gonna get to say 'told ya they'd fall' (well more like praying that prices would fall.......and yeah I am jealous of him !

  2. I was at my brothers place today , and his girlfriend asked if I could help out on a question that she has been given as part of an assignment from college , the question is ........

    Imagine you were the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

    • Comment on whether you need to be concerned at the persistent deficits in the UK current account.

    • Analyse whether there is anything that can be done to improve the state of Britain’s current account position

    Now is this me just being a bit cynical of our current Chancellors abilities to 'guide' us out of a recession - and that he's tapping up the countries students for ideas???

    ..... any help would be appreciated because I aint gotta clue!

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