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  1. Oh it is much worse than this. Even if halls are empty then the universities still need to pay the room fees to whatever private finance initiative scheme is in operation. UPP, Unite etc. Whoever thought that up must have a bit of a squeaky bum right about now. (Halls will be empty for a variety of reasons: e.g. universities have allowed students not to pay rent for the summer term, since understandably no physical teaching is happening, nothing is open on campus and hell why would you want to hole yourself up in a stationary cruise ship - or worse, because student numbers especially i
  2. But article is 16th January. For a six-day case, it should be over by now. What was the outcome?
  3. I saw an advert for this earlier in the gym. There was no sound in there, so I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. www.buytoletcars.com That's right, for a minimum investment of £7k you can invest in a lease car, and then get your money repaid to you in 36 monthly payments, followed by a lump sum. Or not. I can't imagine what sort of person would be motivated to invest in this. Cheers, SC.
  4. Completely meaningless without consideration of what is, and what is not, within each agency's remit.
  5. Quite odd. Note the author of the piece. As it happens I watched Fight Club last night: Tyler Durden is the main protaganist played by Brad Pitt.
  6. I'm actually genuinely interested in the kid first idea. Surely the conventional wisdom goes that you want a nice stable relationship to have kids, rather than getting married becuase of the kid. Can you explain? SC
  7. Lol, "follow me and I'll let you take my ecstasy". That is the original heart of gold indeed, and still amazing. The Sy who remixed that is DJ Sy http://www.discogs.com/artist/DJ+Sy whereas Sy Kick was a duo: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Sy-Kick . I think one of the duo, Bradley Carter, used to do a lot of the back end production on various Happy Hardcore releases on United Dance but might be wrong. Field of dreams is also a good one by F+S: ...and a very early but quite stompy one from them SC.
  8. 'kin ell! I've been in and out of India 3 times now. First couple of times wasn't aware of the rules- so indeed took the currency back in again (!). This time, coming out of Mumbai, I was well aware that I needed to get rid of them. So I used some to pay part of my hotel bill (needed to get the amount I had left, accumulated over 3 visits below the amount that the ledger said I converted on the way in), then got to the airport. There was an exchange before immigration, but very busy and I didn't want to get my cash out there. So I asked an immigration official if there were more beyond t
  9. The property bee updates for that flat are priceless: Tue Oct 4 21:43:13 2011 * Title changed: from 'LIFE ON ONE LEVEL' to 'Go for it' Tue Sep 13 20:24:33 2011 * Subtitle changed: from '1 bedroom flat ' to '2 bedroom flat ' Fri Aug 19 17:58:39 2011 * Title changed: from 'FIRST TIME LET' to 'LIFE ON ONE LEVEL' Thu Jun 30 11:39:39 2011 * Initial entry found. SC Edit to add: I wonder if they have pub style urinals for their "Royal Flush"? Complete with leaking u-bend and bucket underneath.
  10. Always best to check out Kazza's best isas currently available list on mse: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=401374 Its got all the different perturbations you might want, regularly updated and much easier to find what you need to know than something like moneyfacts. SC
  11. Yes, like the oh-so-efficient private sector care home company Southern Cross that somehow has 3000 employees in their layer of fat. SC
  12. Although big name UK banks (with too bad to tempt anyone interest rates) also failed, so your argument fails. Halifax, BOS, RBS, Llloyds, Bradford and Bingley...
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