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  1. well my reading of it is is that its a certificate of ownership that you own a piece of the bar in paper form, does this sound right
  2. Been doing my usual gold trawling bit this morning and have found a possible new investment oppurtunity. I buy my gold normally from mayfair and grant and on their site they have started something new to do with investing in a 12.5 kilo bar of gold, wondered if anyone else had come across this as I am a little suspect of these things and how they work. I suppose I'm asking for some help into whether its a good idea or not and i thought you guys would be the best to ask I look forward to any ideas or thoghts anyone has
  3. Don't know whether anyone was aware of this but they have had these type of machines in Germany for years love the toilet paper lmao
  4. hey all just been reading through this thread, Gold to me personally is something I have a huge interest in, i see it as a great investment, the price admittedly has fallen a little today but with the way things are panning out (no pun intended ) it could be a great time to buy it with the price falling. I go through a company called Mayfair and Grant for my bars, extremely reasonable prices and managed to gain a few hundred off a bar i bought a few months ago
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