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  1. Not really what I had in mind! Rachman :- Will have a drive over to Edgworth over the weekend. Thanks for the tip. Meatloaf :- Thanks for the detailed overview. Main question I have is do you have any villages/towns to add to the list?
  2. Hi All Thanks for the feedback. 6 weeks later and Ive spent some time in the area. I start work properly in January and have committed to rent for 6 months. Im looking for a large village/small town north of Manchester, not in the middle of nowhere but also not feeling like an episode of the Bill. This is the list so far: 1. Whalley/Clitheroe 2. Lytham 3. Ribchester 4. Mellor 5. Garstang. I see Lytham has a couple of fans - any comments/takers for the other areas, or have I missed out any gems? Thanks
  3. I've found it interesting reviewing threads on what are seen as the "best" areas to live in. There was recently a Bournemouth one on the main forum and there is the Cheshire one lurking below. What are people's feelings of Lancashire? - I may be moving up for a job. Im not interested in Manchester or Liverpool, more if you draw a line from Blackpool across to Clitheroe. Ive had a bit of a review of the area and the better areas seem to be Lytham/parts of Preston/Ribchester/Clitheroe/Whalley areas. Any thoughts - I would be spending up to 750K but would expect something decent for the money!
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